You Probably Shouldn’t Cook This- Curry Lasagne

Me and Omega have once again taken a culinary blind leap!



  1. I can see down Hagan’s shirt! Titillating.

  2. Well, If you don’t pray, at least think good thoughts.
    I’ve made curry using the boxed roux like you’re using. I also sent away once for a vindaloo seasoning powder which worked really well, as you could adjust the heat by how much powder you used in the sauce. (I’m a wimp and could only stand up to strength 2.)

    • I got a vindaloo paste once from the grocery, expecting to be all like, “Ha, I had vindaloo! I’m not a wimpy American! Take THAT, Hagan!” but it had no spice at all. There’s a huge Asian grocery in MD that also has Indian stuff, next time I go I’ll look into buying the powder.

      • I got it from, they sell all manner of spices and seasonings.

  3. First, sharpen your onion cutting knife. My goodness how do you get anything done?

    Second, I’m not actually fussed by your recipes turning out well. I mean why is something being bad more inherently entertaining? Sure, I’ll snicker at someone eating a durian with everybody else, but there’s nothing wrong with stuff going right, especially if they shouldn’t. That’s it’s own brand of interesting.

    • Kari – it’s a cheap chef’s knife I got at Ikea, my larger, sharper one was dirty from dinner the night before and I was too lazy to wash it before filming. 😛

      If you’re a fan of interesting, the next two episodes should be right up your alley…

  4. The weird taste is probably the parmesan. That is my semiprofessional culinary opinion.

  5. I knew there was a reason I have found myself drawn to Hagan. We’re both curry freaks.
    Sadly, curry seems to be the only thing I can’t make right. D:

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