A Brocon Audience Reacts to Chirpy

You remember Chirpy, right? Want to see other people EXPERIENCE Chirpy?



  1. Well, that added some much-needed sadistic glee to my day for sure.
    Chirpy reaction videos should really be a thing. If only I had some people to show it to…

    Also, I spy a Kork!

    • Agreed. Watching them suffer made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
      Favorite moments:
      1) Guy with glasses in the back left trying to end his misery
      2) Guy in the front row making wtf? faces throughout.
      3) Girlin the front row with companion cube pulling out her gun halfway through the Chirpy sex.

      • Girl in the front row? I didn’t… oh, you mistook the Linkara cosplayer for a girl due to the long hair.

        No, that’s a man. *punch*
        I know because I pretty much sat next to him in this video – if we ignore the empty seat.

  2. I don’t go to many cons, but is autoerotic asphyxiation by members of the audience a common ocurance?

    • So I wasn’t the only one thinking that, although it does make me wonder about us a bit since we both thought public sex act with what we saw

      • Now kiss.

  3. Chirpy: It was the best worst thing (and yes, I know it makes little to no sense) that could have happened to me in the relatively early hours. I only wished that we had a larger audience…

  4. Mein Misstress, that was the most horrendous and cruel action you have ever pulled off…I WANT MORE!!!

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