Flubs- Prelude to Season 5

A collection of Flubs, bloopers and alternate takes from the Prelude to Season 5 short.

Season 5 Trailer

The trailer for Season 5. Separated from the Prelude short.

Vlogs- Elysium

Me and Robyn the minion watched Battle Angel Elysium.

Prelude to Season 5

Its coming. Soonish.

Preaching to the Perverted Blu-Ray

If you were ever thinking of buy the movie then now is the time.

Thanks to the kickstarter they were able to remaster the film and re-realise it on Blu-Ray with new extra features, enhanced audio and they very kindly have included a copy of my Preaching to the Perverted review on it (slightly re-edited by me). The Blu-Ray is region free and the transfer is gorgeous (and my reviews have never looked or sounded better- they did some amazing filtering shit that made it less crappy)

So what are you waiting for? I dont even have a Blu-Ray and I own a copy!


ONLY the Blu-Ray has all the stuff I mention. So make sure you order the right one!

The Blu-Ray

Sorry I havent been able to get a better quality shot of the cover. Trust me, thats my review the arrow is pointing to!

Hagan Cameos- Cid Rain promo

I’m one of many people who’s lives were destroyed by Cid Rain. Steve (the guy behind this) is talented as all fuck. I’m looking forward to the show.

Vlog- Sadako (Ring4)

Me, The Avatar of Decent Humour, Teddy and newcomers Taz and Wolfie (and Chi the Kitten) watched the newest (AND WORST) Ring movie.

Homelesssb’sterrd Flubs- King Lear

Flubs from Aleisters King Lear review.

Homelesssb’sterrd Theatre Reviews- King Lear

English, Between Jobs, Theatrical Actor Aleister D Homelesssb’sterrd Talks about the last Play he Caught. This time its King Lear by Shakespeare.

Vlogs- The Conjuring

Me and Arnikarian might be the only people who didnt like The Conjuring.