(Highlights from) Hagans BroCon Panel

Here are some highlights from my QnA panel at BroCon.


  1. Fun panel! Kind of nice that so many good questions and answers came out of it, considering the unfortunate turnout. (poor, bewildered cosplayers, though. But then again, it’s not a Hagan show without anyone getting freaked out.)

    Did I hear right, though? Was there actually a guy going “Is this still going on?” towards the end? That seems rather rude.

  2. Huh, watching this I actually remembered a question I’ve wanted to ask you! Funny that!
    I’ve seen you reference and even review the Gamers movies, which made me think – are you a regular RPG player or have you played RPGs in the past? And if you are, are you familiar with the game called Unknown Armies? It’s an occult horror game from around the end of the 90s and it’s got some amazing and weird shit going on in it, so I always thought it might actually be something you might be interested in. If you’ve got nothing better to do I’d recommend tracking down the second edition Core Rules, since they cover most of the stuff and it’s generally a fun read.


    • Iv played a few diff RPGs but Im not a massive gamer. I dabble. Omega though is a MASSIVE gamer and Im sure that as soon as we’re together properly I’ll be playing more often. Unknown Armies sounds like fun!

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