Special Review- Sunset Heights

Hagan goes to the UN to make the case for destroying a a city in Northern Ireland. Her evidence? One Sunset Heights.

If Sunset Heights is blocked in your country TRY HERE!



  1. What the flying fuck was that?

    I fully support the elimination of Derry and turning the whole area into a nature preserve after this “film”.

  2. Strange Fruit salad. I’d be offended if I wasn’t so impressed.

  3. Great review! You really utilized the setting and the shooting conditions to their fullest potential. In hindsight, it’s strange that nobody else has thought of something like this before.

    It just occurred to me that it feels like they had ideas for a bunch of movies, but only creativity and budget for one. There’s a crime movie, a post-apocalyptic movie set in Derry, and a supernatural thriller. Pretty sure that each on their own would have worked better.

    • Don’t forget the ending, which comes from another, fourth movie… and out of left field.

  4. My brain now hurts after watching this review, so congratulations you are not alone. Nice to see another episode of Hagan Reviews, can’t wait for the next!

  5. So you DID get it in colour after all!

    Also, worth it.
    And for the record, I bought that TARDIS crochet.

    • Yeah! You can really see the alterations in the colour when we shot my stuff though.

  6. Great review. Somewhat related question: if one wanted to learn a bit more about the actual conflict and history of Derry, is there any particular source you would suggest?

    • In Jan Mark Steels radio bio of the city will be airing. I was at the recording and he handled it pretty well.

      • Thanks

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