Homelesssb’sterrd Flubs- King Lear

Flubs from Aleisters King Lear review.



  1. Fun flubs! And yay, more kittens. I’m a bit puzzled by the mystery person just contemplating DVDs(?) in the background. Is that Neil? Somebody previously unseen? I’m confused.

    I see that you needed at least three attempts for the hat trick.(…)

    The future filming room looks quite roomy, I have to say.

    Glad to see that Colin/Teddy has his beard back. I’m in favor of beardedness.

    Was “There is no editor. There is only me.” a Discworld reference? Coincidence?

    • I saw it more as a Ghostbusters reference… but maybe it’s a Ghostbusters reference via Discworld.

  2. I loved that the flubs were longer than the actual work! Well done, Mistress!

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