Orcs! (Nanoviews)

A Nanoview is a short movie review that’s less character based and has less spoilers. Movies covered will USUALLY be ones I bought as possible full reviews but decided against. Orcs! is owned by Nub Pictures.

Title Art by http://led-ninja.deviantart.com/



  1. Great Nanoview! I’m impressed by how much information you managed to pack into five minutes. The movie itself seems to be worth a look, too.

  2. Diz iz a orky moive fer orky folk.

    And I would know, I’m a veteran GorkaMorka player.

    I would really love to see you make a full on review of this movie, it isn’t perfect but it deserve some more attention. Also you could have your face-paint look like a Digga from GorkaMorka, that would be damn orky.

  3. I would pay actual money to see a sequel to this movie with Skaven in it.

    • I have a feeling that the Skaven would be much more dangerous then the orks. They’d use planing, poison, disease and gear stolen from the humans to devastating effect. Just imagine an AK loaded with warpstone bullets.

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