Vlog- Insidious 2

Hagan, Robyn the Minion and special guest THE OMEGA GEEK watched Insidious 2… none of them had seen Insidious1. Sorry about that.



  1. Great vlog! It is kind of a different dynamic with all three of you, but it works amazingly well to have the different personal approaches and corresponding interaction.
    Also, some of those happy smiles melt my old, shriveled heart.

    Oh, yeah, the movie is… uh.. probably okay, I guess? Whatever.

  2. So yeah…Crazy Fat Ethel is getting a reboot. It’s IMDB page says it’ll be out 2014 staring Amanda Jelks as Ethel.

    This may be relevant to your interests…


  3. “All the haunted ones look the fucking same.”

    Lol–fair point. Although in our defense, the house I grew up in looks exactly like the house in The Conjuring. For reals. We even had those pastel portraits on the wall next to the stairs. As far as I know, it wasn’t haunted, but it wouldn’t surprise me…

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