05 02 Zombie Genocide

Battle of the Bone WASNT Northern Irelands first zombie movie after all.



  1. As the residential geek, I’d like to make notice of the computer the duhtagonist plays a shoot’em up on: From what I can tell, it’s a Commodore Amiga – to be more specific, it looks a lot like an Amiga 2000. Now that opens up the possibility that this film was actually edited on said Amiga using the Video Toaster, was able to cut down the price of a video switcher (which it is when solely combined with the Amiga 2000) from 100,000US$ to about 5,000US$ – and you still can use the Amiga for other things.

    The film itself feels… very amateurish and I understand why it didn’t have a theatrical or a DVD release yet: Because it feels pretty rough in editing, the incidental music was left over from the 1980s and… the plot seems “made up as we go”.

    And to the audience: Wait until the stinger. Because of the storyline.

  2. Actually, it DID have a DVD release.
    It’s not available anymore, but it was available through the Midnight Pictures website at the time it was a full website and not a personal blog site of Darryl Sloan (one of the filmmakers). The DVD did have audio commentary, etc. However, the DVD is no longer available (no idea why), but the film is still screened in Portadown, and in fact, had a 20th anniversary screening set up this past May by fans of the film.

    Also Hagan, the film was released in 1993, not 1996. 😉
    Also, great review & video.

    • Well I certainly got told 🙂

      • Well, you did say you like to be corrected. 😀

        But really, I felt you did a great review of the film, pointing out its flaws, etc, even if I do quite enjoy it.

  3. Wow, it’s been a while since a Tommy Wiseau reference elicited more than a perfunctory chuckle. But for some reason, the image of a zombie pawing at the door while inquiring about one’s sex life absolutely killed me.

    Have you ever thought of penning a script for a zombie film set in Northern Ireland yourself? Hell, you’ve clocked enough time analyzing them that you could credibly call yourself an expert on the genre of Northern Irish zombie films. Why not put it to use?

    • I was thinking the same thing. If the Snob’s alter ego can make features, why not Hagan’s?

      • A big diff between me and The Snob s he has the support of a group who can happily take the time needed to make a film. It takes ages and I can usually only film for a couple hours every two weeks. The reason I started doing the reviews was because I didn’t have the base needed to make a film and that hasn’t changed.. well there was the possibility of it changing but it hasnt (yet).

  4. Gah, I neglected to comment!
    I like how you handled this review. A movie like this, barely holding together as a movie at all, must be rather challenging to work with, and you got the most out of it. My favorite gag was a simple one, though – The subtitle for “no!”.

  5. Quick, go change the IMDb page for this to be “Zombie 8” and screw with Brad Jones’ head!

  6. Watching old episodes that I missed, and holy shit I’ve seen this movie before. I loved it for its lols.

    • It was featured on some random movie website, I watched it some years ago so have forgotten by now.

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