Twatty New Who Review- Love and Monsters


The unrestrained Id of a fan is aimed at the worst episodes of Doctor Who, This time its ‘Love and Monsters’



  1. Great episode!
    I really enjoyed the way you took apart all the things that made this episode so insulting. It really felt as if they were looking at their fans as dumb children, as evidenced by the Scooby Doo chase.
    You were, however, very fair towards the episode, especially considering that it is such an universally-hated one. (or maybe because of that?)
    I’m also very impressed by the elegant solution you offer to the conundrum of the Doctor’s age, nonchalantly as if it’s no big deal.
    And, once again, your proposed ending to the episode is much better and makes SO MUCH more sense for a character arc than what we got.

  2. Yay! Another Twatty Who Review! I must be one of maybe five people in the Whoniverse who actually liked this episode. *shrug* I thought it was sweet. It’s also one of the first ones I ever saw, so I didn’t have much expectation about what the show was normally like. But I still have a good deal of affection for it.

    Your alternate ending is brilliant–it would have been so easy to do, too. In fact, I think I’ll pretend that’s what really happened. I’m with you on the blow job gag not being that big a deal as well. I kinda wonder if it really bothers people that much, or if it’s just ONE MORE THING to criticize on top of the episode as a whole.

    • I’m one of the few people who liked this episode… up until Kennedy arrived. Then it turned to complete dogshit rather than flawed but a bit endearing.

      Diamanda hit it right about the emotional connection when the two started showing signs of a relationship. Even though it was only put in to try to make what happened later forcibly tragic, the mild subtle acting done in those two seconds made it feel real. We needed much more of that.

      Also, insulting or not, showing a sad group of people getting together to initially focus on their Doctor obsession and forming a bond out of one thing and turning into something more (Doctor related or not), there is something there. It’s a potential for a real story.

      I really liked Diamanda’s alternate ending as well, however in the end I think I would had preferred the story to not have those characters directly involved in some alien-attack-event-thingy. I’d rather have the story focus on them always being on the edge of it, just on the periphery and doing what they can to have their own lives in spite of the weird shit going on around them… but not really TO them. At most, if tragedy befalls them, in a normal story they’re just the split second shot the shooting includes just to show the audience “Yep, this was serious. People died…. MOVING ON!”

      Think of it as an episode about redshirts on Star Trek. Not the ones that die, and not just the ones that survive the mission, but the ones that stay up on the ship – and see how trying to live in a situation where they MIGHT get called on to go down and likely killed may happen, where they see the ramifications of what going on (and parts of the “actual” story), and watch how they cope regardless while still having their own lives.

      • Cheers–I knew there were more of us out there somewhere! 🙂

        “Also, insulting or not, showing a sad group of people getting together to initially focus on their Doctor obsession and forming a bond out of one thing and turning into something more (Doctor related or not), there is something there. It’s a potential for a real story.”

        Agreed, and that’s the part that I really connected with. Hell, most of my friends are people I met through fandom. I don’t even remember which fandoms nowadays, but the friendship stuck. That’s a story worth telling.

        Good point on the redshirt analogy–that’s interesting. Oh, and reminds me I still to read that John Scalzi book…

      • Suggestions of how this story could be rewritten, are really just a way of wishing this episode hadn’t been written at all. Clearly, it hit a nerve, but instead of fans saying to themselves “why does this story make me feel uncomfortable?” we instead get a lot of shrieking about “Worst. Story. Ever.” Never mind, three episodes later we had Daleks fighting Cybermen and everyone was happy again.

  3. To me, the problem is that the episode seems to be written like a “funny” episode, but nobody bothered to tell anyone but Peter Kay… who tries to be the largest ham in the history of acting, because it seemed funny.

    Also, a Godzilla-sized Absorbaloff wouldn’t seem too out of place in a Power Rangers episode.

    • Toei agrees with you about a giant Absorbaloth because Super Sentai/Power Rangers has done monsters that a couple of times. However in most cases it’s just a monster that absorbed energy and not people (though they have had people eating monsters before). Energy absorbing monsters are one of those “Once a series” kind of monster that pop up year by year.

      As for the episode I’m struck with a feeling of confusion. Is the episode supposed to be funny? Uplifting? Heartening? Scary? Tragic? Mysterious? A good episode needs to know what it wants to convey, when, and how to shift gears. This episode is not only stupid but poorly tied together with itself.

      • Since when has a story only every been just one of those things? Since when have we had to have little labels on episodes telling us what to think and what emotions to feel? Jesus H. Corbit!

  4. Just because you’re asked to do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

    The reason there’s an arch, hyper reality feel to this episode is because it’s told to us by Elton. That’s why Elton appears in every scene, and that’s why Elton and crew do not hear the screaming from inside the building. Elton wasn’t present when it happened, but in retrospect he knows these people were attacked. That’s also why in one scene we see Elton’s band performing well, whereas, from his other memories, it’s clear they were crap. The only scenes that are completely real are the ones where Elton is talking into the camera. As for the Shatner “get a life” speech, this misses the point that Elton’s group do get a life, which is then destroyed by a fat bastard who insists on them becoming Doctor Who fans again. Which is kinda like what happened to all of us when Doctor Who returned in 2005, headed by RTD.

    There is no evidence to suggest that being an “Abzorbaloff” is a natural condition for the people of Clom. The fact the name has been made-up and the alien needs a “limitation field” makes that bloody obvious, doesn’t it?

  5. This episode and Voyage of the Damned are some of my most enduring memories of watching Doctor Who growing up, because they were so awful that they are irrevocably etched into my mind as possibly the worst television I’ve ever seen. The absorbaloff in particular is probably the worst monster the series had during the time I watched it.

    And no I’m not bitter that they didn’t choose my entry in the Blue Peter design-a-monster competition.

    • Actually the kid who won the Blue Peter competition ripped his idea off The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy television serial, in that the “Abzorbaloff” looks just like Grunthos The Flatulent., even down to the pants.

  6. It’s pronounced Te-ah Tee-meh

    • Maybe she just wants to set him off? After all, it IS his weak spot.

  7. This has the best use of the Scooby doo ( with scrappy ) opening theme.

  8. A monster looking like THAT, with THAT voice, and doing what basically amounts to eating people? I’m honestly shocked there wasn’t a Fat Bastard from Austin Powers joke. “GET IN MAH BELLEH!!!!!”

    • Get ON my belleh!

      • I see what ya did there

      • The worst part was when they none-too-subtly implied that the people who DID wind up on his belleh were the lucky ones…..Aaaand now I’ve given everyone nightmares.

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