05 03 The Pink Angels

Hagan. Biker drag queens. The 70s. A review. Need I say more?


  1. Well… color me gobsmacked.

  2. As always a very entertaining video, but really with that “Hanging out with the family”-gag? That was pretty dark, but hey it did make me laugh out loud.

    Also I might be really ignorant but isn’t a drag queen wearing a CSA flag-patch a bit off?

    • Well, I see no other way to make that ending seem at least a tiny bit entertaining, especially as it’s probably a prime example for “mood whiplash”, coming out of what seems like left field.

      And for me it was the Nazi flag that got me irritated, because the third reich sent gay men to concentration camps (because they were gay and weren’t pretending to be heterosexual after the night of the long knives).

      • Hey man, I’m not saying it was a bad joke. Just really fukken dark.

        And about the Nazi flag, I didn’t notice that one the first time I watched the review. Drag bikers with Nazi flags is pretty damn fucked up to be honest but I guess it makes sense if the Pink Angels there trying to look like regular bikers.

    • (Since wordpress doesn’t want me to reply to your reply for some reason, I reply to the original.)

      I think there is some misunderstanding: I didn’t intend to make you look like you found it unfunny. I’m sorry that it came across this way. I agree that it’s a really dark joke.

      (I didn’t notice the CSA flag on my first watching, so we’re pretty much even.)

  3. This review is an early favorite in the season for me. It comes together very well, keeps it’s steam throughout and is based on a fascinating obscure piece of cinema. And the mood rollercoaster at the end is nothing short of magnificent!

  4. My girlfriend and I watched this movie thinking it would be a goofy biker-flick about crossdressing bikers, and it was…until the last 5 minutes! I had to rewind and rewatch the end to make sure we didn’t miss some important plot point.

    I’ll admit, the ending left a terrible taste in my mouth (especially as a crossdresser myself), and ruined what otherwise was an enjoyable (and disposable) piece of 70s trash. I can’t wait too see your review and be able to comment more on it!

  5. The ending I think was a cargo-cult attempt to duplicate the ending of “Easy Rider”. I know I’ve seen the same sort of ending used before in other similar movies of the period (“Crazy Larry, Dirty Mary” comes to mind).

    • I was thinking that maybe they didn’t have the budget for what ever wacky drag queen ball/massive biker brawl ending they where planning and went for the “bad ending” instead.

      But your idea makes more sense.

  6. Great review, as always!
    One bit of entertainment trivia: The leader of the straight biker gang was played by prolific character actor Michael Pataki, who’s had a career spanning over 60 years! Check it out…
    (BTW: I can see where your glasses smudged your makeup.)

  7. I was thinking of a completely different song when I saw that ending. And then I wondered if the visual pun on Strange Fruit was intentional.

    Since that would make it even darker I prefer to think so.

  8. I can’t wait for your Razor Blade Smile review, I love that movie in all it’s epic lousiness, What I truly loved about that movie was it’s sheer ‘not give a fuck attitude’ that and Christopher Adamson just fucking nailed it as the ‘not Bill NIghy’ head vampire

  9. 12:40, hilarious!

  10. I would like to thank Diamanda and this review in particular, for introducing me to In the Realms of the Unreal, which seems like an absolutely fascinating piece of art.

    The review itself was hilarius too.

  11. Crossdressploitation still exists with 2009’s Satin Dreams, a fim brought to my attention via Stana’s Femulate, starring Rafael Torres, Beka, Curtis/Alexis Williams, Public Enemies/Patrick Swayze’s the Beast’s Robert A Young (also in bloody-disgusting.com’s bled-white) Satin Dreams also featured my friend Stephen Nagy’s friend Tracey Ferrara of a Greek and a Hard Place, Davies of Clemens, A Change of Heart, UK gangster movie Plastic (not the film by Bled White’s Jose “Day 1” Gomez), and Bruny Telfort’s Money Mechanics (Telfort knows my friend Joel Wynkoop’s friend Aaron Quick Nelson))

    My friend Olivier “Nemesis” Gruner’s mate Theresa Ireland/Joseph Garcia Quinn’s Netherworld Farewell and Operation Milkstorm also seem quite camp too.

    • A Welcome to Dreadville featured Reggie Baker of TV’s Empire, Batman’s Kellie Clevanger, Anthony Brawner, Chad Foor, Jason Patfield, Elliott Fredland, Charles Ramsey, Colleen Elizabeth Miller and Steven Hasnsen.Not to be confused with sim. titled films by Hot Chick’s Adam del rio, Mj Simpson, G4’s Frank Meyer, and Michel Gondry pal Tyler Spiers and Evil Dead’s Deke Anderson.

    • Welcome to Dreadville is a series by Jose Gomez.

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