The 2nd Doctor chooses his next Incarnation

In his final story he 2nd Doctor was captured by The Time Lords and sentenced to regeneration and exile. But first he had the chance to choose his next incarnation.



  1. Gotta love it when things line up…

  2. Surely Matt Smith (the youngest Doctor to date) should be the one that’s “too young,” and David (The Whippet) Tennant the one that’s “too thin”.

    • In the actual ep (and my version) we dont get to see the one that’s too young. I had picked out Peter Davison image to use for it too. Tennant ‘wouldn’t do at all’ because of my issues with 10, nothing more.

  3. Every incarnation of the Doctor never seems to like what form comes next. I wonder what the Second Doctor would think of the Seventh? *ponders*

    • I think they’d get on pretty well. Probably play some irritating recorder/ spoons music together.

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