Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode35 (Autotune Pimp Rides Again)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like.. Saints Row and The Franklin Expedition.



  1. Dan Simmons ? Oh crap…I wish he would do non-fiction. He’s good at that. I loved all the historically accurate stuff about the Franklin Expedition in “The Terror”. It’s just that when his imagination comes into play that things turn sour.
    I had the same problem with his Dickens novel “Drood”. All I could think after I read it was: “Wow, that Simmons guy really doesn’t like Wilkie Collins. Not one bit”. I don’t mind a little misanthropy in my fiction, but not just for the sake of it.
    If they’re making a tv-show of “the terror”, I really do hope they cut out all the silly stuff (ie, all the stuff he made up)

  2. That was a very good intro in to the Franklin Expedition, would have like to have heard mention of James Clark Ross who gathered a lot of the verbal records of the Inuit and live like them, he was social ostracised by London society for his report.

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