A Quick Guide to Classic Who- Introduction to Classic Who

Hagan is doing a guide to Classic Doctor Who. The whole thing! This is the introduction.



  1. That was an awesome introduction! It’s easy to see that this is a labor of love for you and that you really know your stuff. I can’t wait to see more of this!

    On the side – It’s almost jarring how soft-spoken you are in this, after being so used to you being annoyed and angry right from the start in your Twatty Who vids. 😉

  2. Oh this looks to be a fun series, already looking forward to the first episode.

    Also that song you use for the intro is real groovy.

  3. An excellent introduction. However, I’d say the second Doctor was bisexual. Imagine him taking Zoe Heriot up the back passage while Jamie acts as lookout, and you’ve got the basic template for season six.

  4. This may be more of a commentary on how my mind works, but I honestly didn’t find Ghost Light to be that incomprehensible. It made a lot of sense to me, but I won’t pretend it’s a simple story, as it holds a lot of abstract concepts made literal.

    Overall, good start to the series you’re making; very happy that you brought up how Six’s run has been corrected by Big Finish (their work is now pretty much in-canon, so yay, enjoyable development~). Can’t wait to see what you bring up next time. How much of Virgin Books’ run are you going to mention when we get to Doctor 7, may I ask?

    Now, I’m off to find and watch The Time Meddler. Time to see how the Monk started out…

  5. What a great episode! I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of this now! I fear I am indeed a new Who watcher who knows little about old Who, but I’m eager to learn 😀

  6. You know, one of the great pleasures of this show is to see how due to the sheer depth and breadth of it die-hard fans can have such different perspectives on it all. That is to say I disagree with a lot of what you feel about Who but rather than wanting to argue the points I’m looking forward to seeing a show that has captured my imagination through the eyes of someone else.

    No matter how much of a blatantly wrong stupid nit-picky fool they are.

  7. So with asexuality thing what’s about Bernice Summerfiled shagging Eight then? >:}

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