05 05 Where the Dead go to Die

Imagine Ken Park crossed with Stonewall and Riot and then wish you didn’t.. this is Where the Dead go to Die.



  1. All shock value aside, I thought the first two were self indulgent, but the third could have been compelling if they’d done more of a “Binding of Isaac” thing.

    Also, I didn’t expect to like Doug’s Obama impression as much as I did.

  2. This movie… this movie… *shudders violently*

    Making this review funny must have been a labor right out of a greek myth, but by Unicron’s bear, you pulled it off somehow. And the storyline is getting REALLY interesting….

  3. Y’know, of all your reviews I’ve watched, this is the one that made me want to watch the movie the most. If only just to see how long I can last.

  4. The best Silent Hill/binding of isaac film ever made.

  5. That was… wow… that was… something. Though I must say I’m so glad you’ve seen Cemetery Man, love that film.

  6. You know, I really didn’t think you could top your “Pink Angels” review in terms of most horrifying use of that song from Birdemic, but it turns out I was wrong. Oh God, was I wrong…

    Good thing you didn’t mail a copy to Oancitizen. If Ken Park made him want to blow up a city, I’m pretty sure this movie would make him want to annihilate reality itself.

  7. Kudos for referencing Manboobz.com

    As for this movie… About the only thing I can say is Holy Fucking Shit. I was looking forward to this review, and I have to say I was caught totally unaware by the content of this film.

  8. This reminds me a lot of “We Are The Strange” (reviewed by Ralph Oancitizen a while back). Is there a 1337 translation option?

  9. I think the only thing that this film has going for it is the violent imagery. If that were toned down, the film would lose the majority of its impact.

  10. Hey, I’ve seen this movie.

    Honestly? The extreme excesses to which this movie went made it… less difficult to watch for me. Certainly the subject matter was ‘fucked up’, but the context in which it’s presented goes to the point of being downright cartoonish at points. More than anything, it really blew its’ load in the first segment. Nothing it did after that point up until the very end came anywhere close. For me, at least, it ruined the mood of the film very early on and made anything that should have been impactful later on… borderline silly. Bad voiceovers and animation didn’t help, but they were flaws I could overlook.

    I don’t know, I may just have been in the wrong mindset to watch this movie. I might also be a horrible person.

  11. I am the creator of this film, I wanted you to thank you for reviewing it! I thought your review was really funny, the Mortal Kombat bit being my favorite. I didn’t envision the entire film as a comedy, mostly just the first chapter, though I do find stuff funny about all three parts. I should also note that this was the first thing I ever animated ever. As in, I had a script for Tainted Milk and just figured out how to animate it one shot at a time with no training what so ever. So that’s the reason its very rough, especially in the beginning. I also didn’t know I was going to put them together as an anthology film until I started making the third chapter. Anyway, thanks again! And please do track down every copy and destroy them so then the distributor has to make more and pay me more!!

    • Hi! I’m glad you liked it! Sorry for misinterpreting your words in your commentary about it being a comedy. I’m looking forward to (when Iv recovered) checking out any more of your stuff I find!

      • It’s all good, I laughed the through the entire review! You’re funny! Email me your address and I’ll send you a disc with more shorts by me and everyone involved with the film 🙂

    • Hey Jimmy. Could you send me a message on the Diamanda Hagan facebook group? Its a good way for us to get in direct contact. https://www.facebook.com/DiamandaHagan

  12. You know the part that is honestly the worst? None of this even remotely phased me. The content of the movie that is. Then again as a EMT I’ve seen things that make anything animated just…laughable in comparison.

    • You know what? I totally appreciate your sentiment, because I knew a guy who was an EMT, and the shit he told me was absolutely wild.

      He went against rules and actually played me a genuine tape of a woman who called in one night insisting that “Harry Potter” had raped her and was coming after her kids next. I kid you not. She was utterly out of her mind.

      Turned out she was a hardcore schizophrenic…no surprise though, aye?

  13. Wait, don’t tell me. The movie is a metaphor for childhood schizophrenia, triggered by the trauma of his parents’ utterly-failed marriage.

  14. You know this isn’t so much scary as it is just an exploration of what would happen if Gary’s Mod gained sentience…

    • Also, I think I’mma go stare at puppies for a while until the dull throbbing of anxious nausea goes away.

  15. Dear God this movie.

    For the record, I’ve seen Cannibal Holocaust at least a dozen times. I’ve watched the entire Slaughtered Vomit Dolls trilogy back to back. I thrive on grotesque, bloody horror.

    This movie broke me. Honestly the review was hilarious because you went through basically the exact same series of reactions I did.

  16. LOVE, love, love, this…as an art project. I have, in fact, been dying to see your review of this flick since you teased it.

    And nothing I saw was nearly as bad as my father. He is Satan, reborn. He’s worse than anything in this film. Trust me.

  17. I think a piece of my soul just died…

    Also, the “I have to live with that every day” was excellent here. Your deliveries of that line have been rather lackluster lately, like your heart just isn’t in it anymore. I understand that you can’t put this kind of emotion into it every time, but even the emotionless ones should feel deliberate, and lately they’ve been feeling like you tacked them on as an afterthought. But this one was great.

  18. This has to be the oddest Reboot episode that had aired on the telly…

  19. I watched the whole review and I think either I’m now dead inside or this is going to lie dormant in my subconscious until one day it explodes like some kind of psychotic shingles. Your reviewing is like a warm fuzzy blanket which makes horror hilarious, though maybe I shouldn’t have watched this right before going to bed.

  20. And Sage says Violence Jack cannot be reviewed! You have just proved him wrong Mistress. Or you’re just a better reviewer than he is. You rock!

  21. I’ll comfort you Rantasmo.

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