Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode38 (Day of the Spoilers)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like.. Doctor Who (again).

This time we’re joined by special guests Nash and Welshy!



  1. Wow, that was one hell of a quick turnaround!
    Very enjoyable episode, too. I’m not surprised, but still amused that you were able to easily rattle down a whole bunch of trivia that the BBC didn’t manage to pack into either special. Also, Hagan playing with action figures totally brings to mind that scene from Spaceballs. You know the one.

    And of course, the conversation on The Day(…) was really interesting and engaging, and a lot of goof points where raised. The roundtable was a great idea. I found Nash and Welshy to be a hint too dominant in the conversation (after all, this is Lesbian Talk), but not to a degree that really could have bothered me.

    • Well, when we have guests on for discussion or an interview, it’s because they’re there to talk because they’re the expert. When we have guest co-hosts (like that time with Patrick) then they’re there as more of a 3rd voice in the chaos. 🙂

  2. I’ve got to admit I really enjoyed hearing nash and welshy talk about doctor who again. yeah. I’ve got to admit I thought scarf girl was meant to be Kate stewart’s daughter because at the beginning I thought she was saying mum instead of maam. This would have made sense she could have frown up hearing stories about the doctor and has the scarf as a security blanket. But yeah zygons were superfulous , elizabeth even more so. It looked pretty and I enjoyed some of the interplay between the doctors and I think John Hurt captures the doctor really well in a short time but he’s not particularly warrioresque. I’ve got to admit I find it hilarious the Doctor spent what 10 minutes standing in a war zone to graffiti a wall. Then again this is the moffat era I’m surprised he wasn’t driving a spaceship and shooting it onto the city. The whole thing is just silly

  3. Funnily enough you mention John Hannah as the Master because he was my pick for the 12th Doctor and when Capaldi was cast I was glad because they are practically clones.

    Ecclestone is my favourite Doctor but I still agree it was stupid to cast him not for your reasons but because he’s an actor who never reprises a role.

  4. Do you think the BBC will use the offer the Time Lord high council offer the Master in “The Five Doctors” to give him a new set of regenerations as a get out of jail free card in response to the 13 regeneration limit?

  5. Science Girl was meant to be the daughter of a UNIT character from the Pertwee era, I think. (Judging by the name, at least.)

    Baker and the Five Doctors, the version I heard – they talked him into coming back, but the schedule changed last-minute and he bailed out.

  6. Here’s an idea for the intro to THE GAY SHOW

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