Special Review- Big Money Hustlas (ICP Month Pt1)

Hagan and Rap Critic decide to talk about the wickedest of wicked clowns- The ICP over 4 videos. This is part 1, Big Money Hustlas. Part 2 will be somewhere Rap Critic put it.



  1. Really fun (and almost non-soulcrushing) review! You got great chemistry with the Rap Critic, and I really like the subtle slyness in how you demonstrate how to break the forth wall the right away, as opposed to the film.

  2. That one guy’s name was Harry Cock. Danglenut seems downright subtle by comparison.

  3. Ha. I used to like ICP a long time ago so I’ve probably seen most of these movies. Really like the video. Can’t wait for the rest. Also glad I’m over that kind of music… now back to listening to Lana Del Rey 😛

  4. Good lord they got Mick Motherfuckin’ Foley for this! I dunno if this is awesome or horrible!

  5. Well at least the shotgun gimp went out on a high note…

    …I’ll show myself out

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