Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode39 (Guy Fawkes Day Pageant)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like.. Thanksgiving and Pirates.



  1. This one went by in a breeze! The origins of holidays and traditions are a pretty interesting topic. I’m kind of surprised that no-one seems to have done a series about it – web, TV or otherwise.
    I imagine that cyborg trick-or-treating would wind up being kind of an arms race with more and more elaborate upgrades.

    On pineapples: I’ve heard that the enzymes in pineapple are actually absorbed into the bloodstream to a degree that fresh tattoos itch like hell because they are so vulnerable.

    ….I never thought that this fandom would make me want to try Barnes&Noble’s soup offerings…

    I don’t have much of an opinion on AC4 (except that it sounds fun), but I have opinions on Ecco. Well, more like memories. Maybe more of old wounds. Back when I first played it, it wasn’t very common to localize console games yet, and I had yet to learn much of the English language. Imagine trying to solve the puzzles while thinking that “Access Granted” actually means “Access Denied” (and vice versa) because the word sounds so harsh…

  2. I kind of love how Lesbian Talk is about everything and nothing at the same time 😛

  3. There’s always room for Pinneapple chunks.

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