Co-reviews: The Great Milenko with Rap Critic (ICP Month pt2)

Hagan and Rap Critic decide to talk about the wickedest of wicked clowns- The ICP over 4 videos. This is part 2, The Great Milenko. Part 3 will be on soon.



  1. That was quite a fair,extensive and entertaining review of a an album by a band that most would not even consider giving a first, let alone a second look. In that light, it makes perfect that sense that you are the one joining the Rap Critic in doing so.

  2. Weird ! You didn’t comment on the fact that Alice Cooper is the voice of the Great Milenko ?

  3. Interesting review. Love Rap(e) Critic’s stuff. Any thoughts on the somewhat similar band Sykotik Sinfoney who were around before ICP and had a similar schtick of killer clown musicians but with a metal-ish sound?

  4. Maybe Judge Dredd sentenced them to six months in an ISO-Cube for wearing face paint without a licence and mocking a Street Judge.

    • You don’t even have to go to science fiction to find judges abusing power. In real life, many judges do abuse their power by giving outrageous sentences for minor offenses. Just look at the American marijuana laws.

      Also, if you want a fictional example of the American judicial system gone bad, read “Maximum Bob” by Elmore Leonard, whose title character is fairly realistic in its depiction of a bad judge. Maximum Bob is a right-wing, racist, sexist douchebag known for giving the maximum sentence on nearly every trial.

  5. Where is the “aww there’s a line” clip at 11:30 from?

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