Special Review- Big Money Rustlas (ICP Month pt3)

Hagan and Rap Critic decide to talk about the wickedest of wicked clowns- The ICP over 4 videos. This is part 3, Big Money Rustlas. Parts 2 and 4 can be found where Rap Critic has put them.



  1. I think this is my favorite review of the ICP month so far. The writing and performances are in top form,and the whole review has a vibe of outlandish fun. It might have helped that the movie itself is a little more palatable, too. I’m reminded of a tennis match, with the movie lobbing strange balls at you and you returning them gracefully.

  2. Sub-theme of this review: Diamanda Hagan has seen some shit.

  3. once again kick ass review and WAT DA HELL SCOTT HALL O.o hey yooo lol 😀

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