Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode40 (T’is the Season to be Offended)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like.. LGBT stuff and The Dark Crystal!



  1. Yes, coin pushers (also known as penny pushers) are kind of addictive. That’s probably why you find it at pretty much every fun fair over here – small footprint, big moneymaker. That’s especially true when you have to buy tokens to play… which is what you have to do over here.

    Not that this is very interesting for Lesbian Talk. Unless there is a Lesbian-themed coin pusher (or at least one designed to carry the theme of the greek island of Lesbos)… 😉

    • I’ve seen them back here in the U.S., too, only they use quarters. Weirdly enough, they apparently are considered “gambling apparatuses” in my home state and are illegal anywhere but a casino. Though it’s clearly one of those laws that no one seems to give a shit about, because I see them all over the place, so make of that what you will.

  2. Not going to forget commenting this time, either!

    I couldn’t deny that I kind of enjoyed Omega’s rant on no-one invading the USA. There is something entertaining and moving about genuine, angry frustration.

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen The Dark Crystal… In any case, I have a thorough-enough lack of recollection of it to enjoy the “truer” version as my first impression. Yay me!

    I gotta ask… was the “Fish. Fish. Fish? Fish.” thing a Monty Python reference?

    The “amazon has this cheaper” thing is kind of interesting to me, as it seems to reveal a subconscious misconception that people seem to have. They don’t see store employees as individual people. They see them as an expansion of the store. Which explains a lot of the abuse, as they feel like they’re addressing an enormous corporate entity.

    The LGBTQAetc news lately have been so frustrating. Whenever one place takes a step forward, another takes two steps back. I guess we are never going to have a globally positive situation, just smaller or larger, fairly safe regions.

    • Heh, yeah about the rant…it’s just that no one ever seems to use their logic. Yes, the US *has* been attacked before on US soil, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 being recent examples BUT seriously, this place is HUGE! Who could invade it and why would they want to? They’d face the mother of all quagmire guerrilla wars for at least a decade!

      Anywho, Amazon is a great company, I won’t lie. I’ve got Prime and it’s a great yearly investment. However, there’s stuff I’ll buy on there and stuff I’d rather buy in a store. If it comes to saving $5 versus having the thing I want *right this second* I’ll usually go for the instant-gratification…unless it’s at a shop that far away, then it’s not worth the petrol to be impatient.

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