Crossover- Day of the Doctor with Last Angry Geek

I turn up to bitch about Day of the Doctor in the latest episode of ‘You know Who’



  1. I’m still wondering why Peter, Collin, or even Sylvester were not in this special. I know that they were in a 30 minute special, trying to get into the anniversary, while Tennant, Smith, Davies, and even Moffat were in it, trying to give us whining true whovians the closest we will ever get with them, but that still didn’t cut it. The reasoning was still unknown to me, but I do know that SF Debris did explain why Eccleston was not in it. If you want to know, check out his review of Day of the Doctor.

    Overall, I’m with Linkara saying that it was just good. Just don’t view it as an anniversary special, and see it as a Doctor Who special. So far, that’s the only good advice I can give for the “issues” I have seen and heard about this.

  2. >I’m still wondering why Peter, Collin, or even Sylvester were not in this special.<

    it's because they look too old. The only reason Tom Baker appeared was because they could put the spin on it that he was an old face revisited during the Doctor's new regeneration cycle.

  3. Diamanda, if you believe the Doctor is asexual how come you also believe that the second Doctor was shagging Jamie?

    • I dont. I said that if I thought the doctor was sexual then i’d peg 2 and 5 as 2 of the gay ones. I also mentioned that Hines and Troughton decided to add some indications about that for their own amusement.

      • However the Doctor must have a penis and testicles, otherwise their absense would have been commented on during his medical examination in “Spearhead from Space.” We see both male and female Time Lords, and Susan must have all the right bits, or else why would the Doctor leave her behind with David Campbell? Equally, the Doctor refers to being “a little boy” in “The Time Monster,” which kicks the “Loom” theory in the head right from the start.

        The fact is, up until season 12, you can find perfectly legitimate reasons as to why the Doctor wasnt banging his assistants, mainly because the girls were either too young (Vicki, Katarina, Dodo, Victoria, Zoe, Ace etc.), or have been paired off with the male companion (Barbara, Sara Kingdom, Polly, Victoria, Zoe etc.), or the Doctor’s relationship was purely professional and work based (Sara Kingdom, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant), or the woman had got some kind of hang-up (Sarah, season 11).

        The first time the possibility seriously arises that the Doctor could have romantic feeling for his companion is in season 12, where he shows genuine hostility towards Harry Sullivan, as if treating him as a love rival. Once Harry leaves, however, there is no reason at all why sexual relations could not have taken place between the fourth Doctor and Sarah, Leela, or Romana, especially version 2.

        Things are different with Davison, as the general impression is that the 5th Doctor was gay, and yet Adric’s youth would rule out any relationship there, and the same would be true of Turlough. As for Peri, she didn’t really get on with the 6th Doctor, and the very thought of Doctors six and seven having sex with Mel is just plain sick.

  4. Maybe I’m alone in this, but The Five-Ish Doctors Reboot felt like more of a celebration to me. “Day” was more focused on New Who plot-points/arc… which would be fair enough, if it weren’t billed as the 50th.

    • ““Day” was more focused on New Who plot-points/arc… which would be fair enough, if it weren’t billed as the 50th.”

      When “The Three Doctors” was broadcast it too focused on the plot-points/arc of the day. It was clearly a Pertwee/UNIT adventure type story, concluding with the 3rd Doctor being released from his exile on the Earth. “The Five Doctors” (of which two didn’t even properly appear) also began and ended with Peter Davison, and again is very much set in the era of 1980s Doctor Who. The big problem for the makers of the 50th anniversary with all the surviving Doctors is the large amount of time that has passed..

      With “The Three Doctors” Troughton had only departed the show four years previously (which is very similar to the situation Tennant was in), and Hartnell, only seven years previously. Even in the case of “The Five Doctors,” it was still only ten years for Pertwee and fifteen years for Troughton. With “The Day of the Doctor,” however, things were very different. Davison had left the show twenty-nine years ago, Colin twenty-seven years ago, and McCoy twenty-four years ago.

      Diamanda’s idea that Colin could have played the part of the War Doctor is patently ridiculous, as he looks nothing like how he appeared in the show. The thought of a 30 stone Colin Baker dressed in his technicolour vomit coat and bellowing at everyone would have killed the special stone dead.

      It’s also a sad fact that most of Doctor Who’s current viewing audience have never seen, or remember seeing a Colin/McCoy/Davison adventure, as the majority of them weren’t even born when they were first broadcast, and repeats of these adventures are rare and far between. As for people catching up with the DVD, well, although sales can certainly be counted in their tens of thousands, current Doctor Who is watched by millions. Even Paul McGann only got a Red Button link, as he also is virtually forgotten by the casual viewer, which makes up the majority of the Doctor Who audience.

      • Can’t argue that… I don’t know, I guess I just expected more nods than a hat-rack and scarf. Have the living Doctors talk over radio/intercom, to get around the aging or something like that, it just feels ‘off’ that Name of The Doctor’s time-stream sequence managed Doctor cameos via footage splicing while the Anniversary was simply Hurt filling in for Eccleston.

        (I guess the universe has a sense of humour, given he was too busy filming Thor for an appearance… and most of his scenes got cut so they could squeeze in more Loki for the fangirls.)

      • Re: “ I just expected more nods than a hat-rack and scarf.”

        Well, “The Five Doctors” consisted of one battered, falling to bits Dalek, a bunch of incompetent Cybermen, an overlit Time Lord Capital built out of Formica, Anthony Ainley hamming it up like there was no tomorrow, and a bloke in a wig, who whistled through his teeth, pretending to be William Hartnell.

        Then we had Carol Ann Ford in horrible knitwear, playing Susan as if she wanted to commit incest with Peter Davison, a pregnant Wendy Padbury dressed in bubble wrap… I could go on forever listing this stories faults, and please don’t got me started on “The Three Doctors,” and “Silver Nemesis.” In comparison to these three anniversary stories, “The Day of the Doctor” was a work of unalloyed brilliance.

        Re: “Have the living Doctors talk over radio/intercom, to get around the aging or something like that,”

        Clips of them did appear, and you did hear some of them talk, although, so I’ve been informed, the voices were provided by an impressionist. If that’s true, it does seem a little weird to do something like that.

        Re: “it just feels ‘off’ that Name of The Doctor’s time-stream sequence managed Doctor cameos via footage splicing”

        But that was appallingly done, wasn’t it? If I want to watch Tom Baker walking down a corridor in “The Invasion of Time” then I’ll just get the DVD out.

        Re: “Eccleston. (I guess the universe has a sense of humour, given he was too busy filming Thor for an appearance… and most of his scenes got cut so they could squeeze in more Loki for the fangirls.)”

        I’d heard that Eccleston had agreed to appear, on condition that Joe Ahearne directed it, but Moffat then refused. I don’t know if anyone on here can confirm this?

  5. If you guys want something that feels more like a 50th anniversary of Doctor Who that has all of the Doctors (minus John Hurt), then read the Prisoners of Time story arc. It went on for 12 issues this year for it’s 50th anniversary, and you get to see all of the Doctors in the last issue fighting together, along with just about every single companion. Only negative thing about it was the villain. I won’t say much, but his reveal was a letdown.

  6. I really fucking hated this special… More then anything it really convinced me that Moffat is a sloppy fucking writer. Could he possibly write anymore plot holes? I mean JESUS. This was a decent crossover episode, maybe, but for the ANNIVERSARY?

    Plus I fucking HATED Elizabeth’s storyline and not just because of my hatred of monarchs! Her storyline was pointless and insulting and although I’m not sure I would count myself in the asexual!Doctor camp I am FIRMLY not in for freakish Lothario Doctor!

    Plus reminding us of the Time War (even this shitty made for TV version of it) really highlights how OOC the Doctor’s reaction to Dalek’s has been of late. I’m sorry, but if you commit double genocide to kill a race, you can’t giggle like a school kid when they show up again! (looking at you Asylum)

    Not to mention the fact that this is entire episode was just a giant reset button to the entire character arc of New Who Doctor… It wasn’t enough to shit all over Classic Who, Moffat also had to take a giant dump on RTD too.

    AND FUCK 8.5. FUCK THAT NOISE. John Hurt’s a good actor but he IS. NOT. THE DOCTOR. 8.5 is just some pointless asshole we’ve never seen before and who has never been mentioned before and was invented just to rob McGann of a role after Eccleston fucked off.

    In short, FUCK THIS EPISODE.

    • >Moffat also had to take a giant dump on RTD too.<

      I agree. RTD is perfectly capable of shitting over himself without any help from Moffat. You only have to watch "The End of Time" to see that.

      • actually, moffat shitting on RTD was probably my favorite part of the special.

  7. Your criticism here provided a very nice counter-point to LAG’s typically milder judgment. It also bring something out that I’ve noticed before.. ((Character)) seems a little more threatening and foreboding when present as voice-only.

  8. “I miss the day when the Doctor was able to soundly defeat his enemies. Now we always have to have humans and Zygons living in peaceful co-existence. Baa. I want to blow some monsters up.” And there we have US foreign policy in a nutshell.

  9. This special works in team with “Light in the End” and “Five-ish”. They at least got rid of “lonely god” drama bullshit, so that’s something.
    And I think it’s actualy more coherent and meaningful in getting rid of time war idiocy than plotless fanservise “Five Doctors”
    For fanservise and constant dwelling in past, good though, there is BFA 8P

  10. This is more a summery of the plot than a review, Diamanda I’m wondering if you’d ever do a whole twatty who on this?

    • Thats just the Last Angry Geeks style. Im gonna do a video on Name, Day, Night and Time of The Doctor. I dont think any are quite bad enough to have an ep of their own but together there is plenty for me to whine about.

      • Hey Diamanda, so glad to see you reply! I’ve been watching your videos non-stop this week and I love hearing what you’ve got to say about Doctor Who.

        I look forward to hear you discuss those 4 Specials, if I had it my way though I’d watch a review of every single New Who episode to date.

        I’m really curious as to what you think of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, I expect you’ll make some kind of video, but as I haven’t seen anything yet, I was wondering if you could gibe a quick comment. (Apologies if you have already spoken about this somewhere else.)

        Also, did you see the Mark Gatiss special ‘an adventure in space and time’, where David Bradley played William Hartnell? I really loved it (Thought it was much more enjoyable than The Day Of The Doctor, in both style and substance). But lately I’ve been interested in hearing your take on it.

        Thanks for all the excellent content you’ve been producing! I’ll always be checking for more!

    • Glad you are liking my stuff :). If you want more Doctor Who content check out Lesbian Talk. In ep 69 we talk about into the Dalek, in ep 68 its Deep Breath (the whole ep), ep 67 we talk about The Girl who Waited, ep66 its The Satan Pit 2 parter and on. Whenever there’s new Who on TV we talk about it and sometimes we talk about the old stuff.

      In short I like Capaldi. His preferences with Who are more like my own and I appreciate that. Even if Moffats are still pretty far removed. But I do like the new seasons harder edge for The Doctor.

      I like An Adventure in Space and Time thought I felt it had issues, Verity Lambert was not the meek woman in the show. She was a ball-buster. Bradley was great as Hartnell and not great as 1 (I woulda cast David Warner or Murray Melvyn but he was overall solid)

  11. By itself I think this film is awesome. Too bad they didn’t get Eccleston in it, I’d preffer him to absolutely new Doctor we will never see again. But as Hurt’s story, the film was good and Hurt was good as 8.5, unlike this piece of shit with Paul McGann. I’ll prefer Hurt to McGann anytime.
    But as Aniversary special, I agree with Diamanda Hagan: it was disappointment. They couldn’t have any classic Doctor? And no, Tom Baker’s cameo doesn’t count. He is not 4th Doctor here. I am a fan of New Who with interest in Classic Who, and I know 4th, but I didn’t recognised Tom. So I don’t care about his Curator persona. I want a Classic Doctor, not as cameo, but in solid role. A Doctor from the past that learned about Time War and what he would do in the future. And that should be Silvester McCoy. He maybe old, but he still looks like his Doctor, and when we last time seen him in movie, he was already older then his TV persona. My point is, if they could make Davison look like the Doctor for his special with Tennant, they could do so with McCoy for the film. Also, McCoy should be the one who came out with a plan to save Galifrey, because he is the smartest of all of them.

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