Crossovers- The Wraith Shangri-La (ICP Month pt4)

Part 4 of the most ICP-based month in review history. Rap Critic and Hagan check out the Wraith Shangri-La.



  1. Is it really satire to look at something clever and original and say “that’s not clever or original”? It’s a bit hypocritical to call ICP trolls in a series of reviews that basically troll Juggalos by presenting really skewed, wrong interpretations of ICP songs and treating the jokes in their movies as being serious. It’s not clever or funny to end a series on ICP by not acknowledging that you’ve wasted the time of both ICP fans and people who hate them intentionally because it got you Blip ad revenue. That this review ended with an album rating instead of telling your audience that you’re not sorry that you tricked them makes this a huge fuck-up. If you’re going to fuck with your viewers, go all the way. Either show more respect to the intelligence of the songwriters and the fans of the music by objectively looking at the albums, or go all the way in fucking with your viewers by acknowledging that negatively reviewing ICP not only annoys their fans, but also the people who don’t like their music, who you are also irritating by playing huge portions of their songs. These specials didn’t work because they didn’t go all the way in pissing off the viewers and they didn’t rationally analyze the songs.

    • It was a crossover review with RC, and was very much in his style. If that style isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine, I guess, but as a longtime follower of both him and Hagan, it worked fine. I got a number of laughs out of these two specials. Frankly I don’t think these reviews were made with ICP fans in mind to begin with. Far as I know Diamanda isn’t particularly big on rap regardless, and RC has already stated that he thinks the same as ICP as, you know, the majority of people who have listened to one or two of their songs.

      That he is as objective as he is in his reviews is actually quite nice, in my opinion. He gave them credit where it was due on the songs that had some redeeming qualities and clearly identified what those qualities were, and tried to keep segments on the less tolerable songs with little comedic material to be found as short as possible in the interest of *not* pissing off the viewer.

      • You really don’t see how making false statements about the performers and doing little to no research about the songs or the artists would piss people off? Deny it all you want, but RC and Diamanda were intentionally trying to pull a Borat on ICP’s fans. They know that people who don’t like ICP aren’t going to watch the video because it would require listening to ICP songs for half an hour. They also know that if ICP’s haters watched the video, they would be forced to listen to ICP for half an hour, so they tricked people who hate ICP into listening to ICP. That the series flew off the cliff on the fourth episode instead of parodying ICP’s big revelation on the ‘Shangri-La’ album (which is really not the end of the story, as the epilogue, Hell’s Pit, has the ICP characters going to hell for being serial killers, with the point really being that these guys are insane and you should take your own responsibility for your own actions) and outright saying that they made this video to fuck with the two sides of the ICP equation made the entire effort a waste of time.

        Also, I generally like Rap Critic’s format. I also know that he’s given high markings to Eminem songs that have far worse content and that Eminem’s lyrics are not as good as ICP’s.

      • By the way, hating ICP because everyone else hates ICP is CONFORMITY.

      • Isaac we both treated the ICP stuff exactly the same as we treat other stuff. You are sounding borderline obsessive.

  2. For some reason, I am unable to reply to the previous comment, so apologies for that.

    I don’t think two unknown internet personalities covering a pair of famous, successful musicians can be even remotely considered pulling a borat. If your love of ICP made it hard to enjoy a review, it could be said that they didn’t leave enough in to satisfy ICP fans I suppose, and that could be said to be a flaw, but as someone who does not like ICP, I am telling you that it worked fine for me.

    If your issue with the format of the review is that RC likes Eminem’s (a rapper he has already identified as one of his favorite) newer style more than the style ICP adopted early on and stuck to over the years and gave his songs higher marks, can that really be said to be a flaw of this crossover so much as a disagreement?

    I think the two of them play off of each other well and have good comedic timing, and would like to see them work together again in the future.

    • I’m in a similar boat as far as the “Reply” option goes, so I’ll just tack it on here.

      First off, Isaac, I’m not sure you’re in a position to objectively evaluate how ICP haters feel. I know, I’m really going out on a limb here, but I get the vague impression that you might just possibly be a bit of an ICP fan. So perhaps you might wish to reevaluate your ability to spokesman for people who hate ICP.

      Second, I’m not sure you understand how “hatedom” works. If someone hates ICP, they’d actually be more likely to watch the video, if only to see some validate their hatred. It’s kind of the central conceit on which this whole online review game is based. Think of it less as the polar opposite of fandom and more as being the other side of the same coin as fandom.

      Third, Hagan’s been way nicer to ICP than she could have been. Hell, her review of “Big Money Rustlas” was damn near positive. If anything, most of her end of the criticism came from how tedious and uninteresting their “shocking” content was. And I have to say, compared to the material she usually reviews, ICP are candy-asses.

      • I don’t think you understand how hatedom works if you don’t understand that if someone doesn’t like ICP, listening to ICP is torturous, and this series comes across like nothing more than a failed attempt to troll ICP’s haters.

    • Most of the stuff ICP does in their albums, including the ones RC reviewed, were done NOT NEARLY AS WELL on Slim Shady LP, an album RC likes.

      • That isn’t really a quantifiable, measurable statement that you can make objectively. Eminem’s older material covers similar topics… sometimes… but his style is much quicker, and in my opinion, usually much funnier.

  3. I’ll go against the stream and make a comment that isn’t a reply…

    Fun review and worthy conclusion to the season of the clown. I think it was a good choice to hone in on the audacity in ICP’s have-cake-also-eat-it approach. Their whole “HAHA, GOT YOU” act comes across as hollow and self-satisfied while not really achieving anything either way. But in their smug, pompous hypocrisy, they do have me convinced that they are a very specific kind of Christian…

    • They were just telling a story. Also, they’re not Christians, Violent J’s most likely a Catholic and Shaggy 2 Dope doesn’t follow any religion. Mike E. Clark is an atheist.

      • …..what do you think Catholicism is?
        Besides, their espousal of “God” as in “capital G” does indicate a belief structure clearly defined by Judeo-Christian monotheism.

      • Clark is a producer, and Shangri-La was released during a period in which he wasn’t even involved with ICP due to disagreements with Bruce and Ustler.

        Whether or not they’re “Christian” isn’t really the point here, they have both gone on record as saying that they “believe in God.” Capital-G god, as creaturesh puts it. Whether or not they specifically call themselves Christian, their outwardly homophobic lyrics and expressed desire to “save” their fans from Hell by bringing their message in a context which most who believe in God would find hypocritical (“you have to speak their language… to get attention”) is what “that very particular kind of Christian” is meant to mean, not regular attendance to church.

        Whether fans interpret their attitude as hypocritical is down to them, I don’t care for the way they view their music, their message, or their fans from a personal standpoint, and on those grounds I have no problem with his interpretation of the song, the album, or the group as a whole.

  4. For a split second, I thought that Hagan was reviewing “Lost Horizon.”

    …the 1973 version.

    The MUSICAL version.

    Ah, well…that’ll always be the dream. Well, cloying, technicolor nightmare, anyway. 😉

  5. Hey Isaac if i dislike ICP because i can not stand them or rap in general am i a conformist?Get over the conformist stuff you might feel a little better.You obviously like ICP good for you i love death metal and a hell of alot of people do not and they are not conformists they just have different tastes then me.

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