Galas Reviews- King Solomons Mines

Took a while but Nina is back!

If the King Solomons Mines review is blocked in your country CLICK HERE!



  1. Awww, Hagan’s trying to save Nina. Still technically self-centered, but heartwarming nevertheless. I always thought it was sad that she didn’t rescue Nina when she briefly showed up in our dimension, but I guess Aleister already presents logistical filming problems as it is.

    So, if “King Solomon’s Mines” were adapted to film with 100% accuracy, would it be more racist or less racist?

  2. The Galasverse needs to add a chin strap (maybe fashioned from an old belt) to the electrocution strainer. That thing looks like it could fall and hurt someone for real (and judging by the flubs, it fell quite often, though fortunately nobody was harmed).

  3. I enjoyed this one a lot. The pace is really good, the punchlines hit, and I’ve always liked the Galas character – The totally contrasting to-camera performance is downright fascinating to me. I also do wonder what kind of ruler parallel Aleister is like…

  4. I like thunderf00t…. I mean yeah, I get that he and the feminist community aren’t on the best of terms right now, but I think it’s a little more complicated that thunderf00t vs feminism.

    If you actually listen to him, his objections are more toward thoughs trying to silence freedom of speech, via censorship, and unfortunately, some elements of the feminist community (notably those involved in Atheism +) are a bit heavy on crushing the flow of information that they disagree with.

    I would like to note that I am not anti feminist. I believe in gender equality, and I have nothing but respect for feminists like Diamanda Hagan.

  5. Give her an extra shock or two for referring to “green-screen” in a review of a non-digital movie!

    Great review! My recollection of the novel is that, although somewhat racist, it is relatively considerably less racist for it’s time (1885) than this film is for 1985. I’ve never seen the fifties version of the story so I have no idea how it compares.

  6. Not only do the German soldiers somehow know “Camptown Races,” they also somehow managed to equip themselves with No. 4 Enfield rifles. This is doubly impressive as: 1) That’s a British made rifle and 2) that rifle wasn’t produced until the 1940s.
    Pretty clever of the Germans to trick the English into making rifles for them. Although they may have trouble finding the right ammunition.

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