Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode41 (All American Nuns)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like.. Allmerican Nuns! and some retro gaming!



  1. I’m a Star Trek/DS9 fan and I would love Alexander Siddig to play the Doctor. I see him as a similar Doctor to Paul McGann or Peter Davison. I get this idea from his performance as Julian Bashir. energetic, charming, bright.

    I do wonder however, knowing your opinions on Davison and McGann, It seems an unlikely choice for you?

    how do You see Alexander Siddig playing the Doctor?

  2. As much as I want to say that trying to be act inconspicuous at a christian bookstore is silly… I would be nervous, too.

    I think the thing about the weird christmas songs in Silent Night, Deadly Night is that, while the songs are in the public domain, individual recordings are not. Those still belong to the label that released them and can be costly.

    Hell yeah, I want Hagan’s words on a t-shirt.

    I love the random statement of “Physics are cool”. Suddenly, Hagan is the Doctor. ….. Again.

    I remember many of the games mentioned in the last part of the show. Ecco both enchanted and made me feel rage. Sonic 2 always is a favorite. Theme Park was always the “Salty Fries” game to me, because that seems to be the first thing everyone did – Crank up the salt on the fries to sell more drinks.

  3. I’m not sure, but you may have got your wish. There is a finished (I guess) movie about Christians and haunted porn. It’s called The Lock In. Their website is http://www.thelockinmovie.com , and you can buy it directly from them. Apparently, the plot is about a group of teens who are locked in a church but they brought porn with them so bad things happen. It doesn’t quite sound like the same movie you were talking about on Radiodrome, but it sound like christianhauntedpornsploitation to me.

  4. American nun, say a prayer for me
    American nun, sister let me be

  5. Does “The Hebrew Hammer” count as a religious exploitation movie?

    I mean, it loses some of the fun because it KNOWS it’s silly exploitation, but…

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