MAGFest 2014 Movie Reviewing Panel

FilmBrain, Oancitizen, Leon Thomas, That Sci-Fi Guy, Hagan, Brad Jones and Nash are joined by Chez Apocalypses Rantasmo and The Escapists MovieBob to talk about movie reviewing.



  1. Really entertaining panel – And it’s nice to see being lead and hosted by the rightful ruler of all things. 😉

    • Well it was the panel I arranged:p But I didn’t deliberately choose the center (I swear!)

      • With that hair, you’d have been front and center in any place. :p

  2. I really hope you filmed a crossover with the Cinema Snob. You and Brad seem to work with each other really well.

    • Oooh yeah. We also talked about Emmanuelle movies, Rapture flicks and what we could do as a second crossover (should it happen)

      • Can’t wait. You two are my favorite reviewers in the TGWTG circle, and the movies you both review aren’t too far removed.

  3. what is that film you hated even more because of the Director Commentary?, I heard it as “The Rakenbrich”.

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