A Quick Guide to Classic Who- Season 08

Hagan is doing a guide to Classic Doctor Who. The whole thing! This is Season 8.



  1. Great work once again! Very informative and made me laugh out loud at least twice (plastic pal who’s fun to be with and the Master’s rock-out). And believe me – Making me laugh today was no small feat at all.

  2. so I’m guessing the 4 iconic companions are Jamie, Jo, Sarah-Jane and K-9, (or would the 4th be Ace?).

    Roger Delgado is the best Master, mainly because there was a great love/hate thing between him and the doctor and also because the following Masters weren’t as good.

    I do like the Geoffrey Beevers/Peter Pratt Master (not sure if different) because they took the character in a new yet logical direction. He went from a diabolical Moriarty to a desperate ghoul.
    I still like Anthony Ainley however but it just felt like a pantomime version of Roger Delgado.

    I know Eric Roberts gets a lot of hate but I thought he was OK, not good just OK. In fact I see him in other roles and thought he could’ve been a lot better if he played it differently, the guy looks good in a suit.

    It might have been better if they waited a while after Delgado’s death, recast a similar actor and just played out his arc as intended, with the Master dying to save the doctor’s life. Which actually makes more sense with 3 and Delgado’s relationship.

    What I find interesting about the Daemons is the sceptical message behind it. The Doctor here clearly doesn’t believe in supernatural forces. When we get to the Satan Pit he seemed to have a “crisis of faith” when meeting the Devil (I suppose he forgot about the Old Ones at some point).
    Modern Who cant be blamed entirely for this however since it was the 7th Doctor that initially went in this direction in the curse of Fenric. I do like in that story that the Doctor found “faith” in Many of his previous companions, rather than just shouting “I believe in her” and having Rose save the day.

  3. Terror of the Autons: I don’t know about Rose being the last Autons story. I kind of feel as if The Pandorica Opens counts, since they were plastic, and their hands are their guns.

    The Claws of Axos: The only thing that the Axons last appeared was in a comic story called The Golden Ones. The Axons invaded Tokyo, advertised a drink to children that would turn them into Axons, used a creepy looking mascot to advertise the drinks, and then formed a huge monster that looked like a giant version of their mascot. Got that?

    The Deamons: What is your thoughts on The Impossible Planet and Satan’s Pit? Me and my brother were entertained with the moments that made us laugh, so we can’t say that we hated it.

    I really love this incarnation of the Master. He is truly why I will never like John Simm’s Master. That incarnation was just a clown who Russel thought would be better than the YANA Master.

    • I didn’t say ‘Rose’ was the last time the Autons appeared, but that they wouldn’t appear again until ‘Rose’ in 2005.

      That’d make a great TV story.

      I didn’t HATE it. Its just that many of its good ideas are lifted from The Daemons.

      The YANA Master was great. I would have many fewer complaints if he was the only one we saw in New Who.

      • I agree with you on YANA Master. He’s probably my favorite, basically because you get to see what if both the Doctor and the Master were really good friends, and then you get to see his evil side which was downright sinister and scary.

  4. I almost forgot to ask you on why Caroline John never had a departure in the show. Was she unable to make Liz Shaw have her final story?

    • Her contract wasn’t extended during the break between s7 and 8. She wasn’t asked to do a final story. But even if she was she probly wouldn’t have (she was heavily pregnant when they filmed season 8- the creative team had no idea when they decided to drop the character)

      • I think it would have been hilarious to have had a farewell scene between the Doctor and a hugely pregnant Dr. Liz Shaw!

        As for the season 8 guide, I think this is a very good edition, however, I’m suprised that Diamanda considers “The Mind of Evil” to be a good, as the story is totally daft. Why, for example, would the Master want to spark off World War 3 on a planet he was currently marooned on? As for Jo Grant being the stupidest companion the Doctor ever had, well, that’s possibly true, though Tegan could be a close second. I have no idea why Diamanda believes Dodo was also stupid. What’s the evidence?

  5. Fun fact: The letters around the Master’s collar in The Daemons actually spell “Master”.

  6. Here are 50 Things about… Terror of the Autons: http://www.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/terror.html

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