A Quick Guide to Classic Who- Season 9

Hagan is doing a guide to Classic Doctor Who. The whole thing! This is Season 9.



  1. Great work once again!Sounds like this season had a bunch of good ideas, but couldn’t quite make them work. A lot of does sound really good on paper.

    And, well.. Damn good job of soldiering through this.

  2. Geoffrey Palmer there in The Mutants, for anyone that’s interested.

  3. Frankly if you weren’t going to make a Monty Python joke about the old bearded guy in “The Mutants” I was going to. When I saw him running at the screen I was already playing Sousa’s Liberty Bells in my head.

  4. The Curse of Peladon: The Ambassador’s race did come back later on in a comic book story that was going to be part of a season that never happened in 2009. To me, if David Tennant did stay for one more year, then we could have seen the Doctor travel with the very first alien companion since the 80’s, who was green, a negotiator, and was super powerful that I’m trying to decide if I can classify her as my favorite companion. If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, look up The Crimson Hand that was forwarded by RTD.

    The Mutants: I don’t remember this one very well. I do remember just starring at the obvious green screen.

    The Sea Devils: I always found it funny how the sea devils, an alien race that lives underwater, had beaks for mouths. As for the Silaurians, I don’t really care for them. I first saw them in The Hungry Earth, and I thought they were boring. Then I saw them on The Silurians, and even though I like their designs, I still didn’t care for them. As for the Sea Devils, let’s just say I liked this one, mainly for the Master dueling the Doctor on a sword fight, and seeing him watch a children’s show, thinking it’s real. And by the way, why did the Master later on still think that children’s TV shows are still real? He has time traveled before to know what’s fact and fiction.

    Day of the Daleks: Personally, I remember liking it, but that’s about it. What did you think about the edited version of this story?

    • Ain’t no green screen in “The Mutants” – it’s a BBC production from 1972! Damn near every other colour was tried out for CSO work back then though.

      Since Jon Pertwee has made the “It’s man” joke himself no apology necessary.

      I actually like the Tardis interior as realized in “The Time Monster.” But if I had the money the inside of my house would be decorated like the Venture compound so my taste is questionable to put it mildly.

  5. Re: “Day of the Daleks”. Most of fandom wouldn’t agree with me here, but I think this story is much better than the massively over-hyped “The Power of the Daleks” and “The Evil of the Daleks.”

    The main complaint from fans is that the Dalek voices in “Day” aren’t very good, but since the release of the special edition, you’d think this little niggle would have been put to bed. My main complain about “Day” is that the Daleks here don’t seem as clever as they’re 1960s counterparts. Anyway here’s my reviews of:

    “The Power of the Daleks” http://ww.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/power.html

    “The Evil of the Daleks” http://www.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/evil.html

    “The Day of the Daleks” http://www.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/day.html

    Re: The Ogrons. They did appear again, in “Frontier in Space.”

    Re: “The Sea Devils”. I really don’t think this story is very good and introduces nothing we haven’t seen before. Also the incidental music goes through you like a dentist’s drill.

    Re: “The Mutants”. This story features a black guy called ‘Cotton,’ which could be seen as racist, if it weren’t for the fact that he was originally called ‘Stubbs’. Tthe reason for the name/character swap was that Stubbs is killed during episode 5, and as this story was supposed to be about Apartheid, it was thought probably not a good idea to have the only black character with a speaking part shot dead in Doctor Who’s equivalent of the third reel. Rick James, who played ‘Cotton’ is, however, possibly the worst actor ever to have appeared in the show.

    Here’s my review of “The Mutants”: http://www.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/mutants.html

    Re: The Time Monster. I remember watching this story last year, and quite enjoying it. I don’t see a problem with Atlantis being destroyed three times. After all “The Underwater Menace” was set in 1970 with the island located in the Atlantic ocean, whereas, the Atlantis that appears in “The Time Monster” was set in the Mediterranean, with the events, according to the Doctor, happening ‘three thousand, five hundred years ago.’

    As for “The Daemons,” the creature tells the Master ‘my race destroys its failures. Remember Atlantis!’ Also the Doctor states that the Daemons visited Earth ‘about a hundred thousand years ago,’ so which Atlantis they destroyed, and when, remains a mystery. Having said that, it would probably have been better for all involved if the conversation had run more like this:

    DAEMON: My race destroys its failures. Remember Atlantis!
    THE MASTER: You destroyed Atlantis?
    DAEMON: Er… no… actually that was down to someone else, but we didn’t like it much.
    THE MASTER: So who destroyed Atlantis?
    DAEMON: Um, let me see now… that would be…
    THE MASTER: Yes?
    DAEMON: No, it’s gone.
    THE MASTER: Fuck.
    DAEMON: Look, I can’t be expected to remember everything. It happened over three thousand years ago.
    THE MASTER: Interesting. I might just make a trip back there myself.
    DAEMON: Well make sure you get the right one.
    The MASTER: Why? How many Atlantises were there?
    DAEMON: Two. One set in the Atlantic, the other in the Mediterranean.
    THE MASTER: Which one were you talking about?
    DAEMON: The one in the Mediterranean. Better climate.
    THE MASTER: Then who destroyed the one in the Atlantic?
    DAEMON: No one destroyed it. It just… kind of sank. Now, where was I…
    THE MASTER: You were saying how…
    DAEMON: No, it’s okay, I’ve got it. [DEEP BREATH] My race destroys its failures. Remember…er… the lost moon of Poosh, I am the last of the Daemons. This planet smells to me of failure. It may be that I shall… er…um…
    THE MASTER: Destroy it?
    DAEMON: Yes, destroy it. So, just watch your step, alright?

    Anyway,here’s a rare interview with director of the “The Time Monster” Paul Bernard: http://www.kaldorcity.com/people/DWpbinterview.html

  6. I love your Quick guides. Also on the subject of David Troughton he also played a clone of the second Doctor for a Tom Baker Audio-go story.

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