Special Review- Koyaanisqatsi

The first of 3 MAGFest crossovers. Hagan, Skitch (and a Greek Chorus) watch the groundbreaking artfilm Koyaanisqatsi.



  1. Omega is cute as the 2nd Doctor.

  2. That was amazing. It’s rare to see you portray pain like that. I wish you had filmed the entire trilogy.

  3. Excellent work indeed and definitely one of the better acting performances of yours, too.

  4. This is probably the best special Hagan review I have seen yet. It had Patrick Troughton, Skitch, Oancitizen, Rap Critic, that one guy who goes to theme parks, that other guy who I don’t know, and a movie I need to see!

    • “that other guy who I don’t know”
      This is the best description of me ever.

  5. Does anyone know where I might be able to find Vaults of Extoth’s cover of “Lecher Bitch?” I can’t find any downloads of it or anything.

  6. Have you seen Baraka and Samsara, out of curiousity? If so, which do you prefer, those films or the Qatsi trilogy?

    • Not seen Baraka or Samsara. They look stunning but a lack of Philip Glass makes me less excited about them. To me its the music that makes the Quatsi movies.

  7. Dear Mrs. Hagan,
    I don’t mean to be rude, but I couldn’t quite hear the line about Linkara? Could you explain it? I’m sorry if I’m being rude. Have an excellent day, Mrs. Hagan, Mrs. Omega, Mr. Mikey. Mr. Kyle, Mr. Skitch, Mr. Rap Critic, and Mr. Some Jerk With A Camera. (I am also sorry for not being able to address you by a real name.)
    Zachary Krishef

    • ‘You cant be tired. We have Cybermen to vanquish!.. I mean.. Linkara, to go see in a panel.’ (or something like that)

      Hope you enjoyed the episode 🙂

      • Thank you! I did enjoy the episode. I am not caught up with the episode, as of now, but it was one of my favorites. Humor, excellent acting, and cameos! “Don’t you know the rules? If a camera is turned on at a convention, then two or more people have to be in front of it!” That was one of my favorite lines.

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