A Quick Guide to Classic Who- Season 10

Hagan is doing a guide to Classic Doctor Who. The whole thing! This is Season 10.



  1. Wow, this one was REALLY rich in trivia. I find it particularly interesting that the animosity between 2 & 3 was kind of reflected in their real-life counterparts. Especially considering the possible meta-ness of the story directly after that.

    And that shot with the lonely drinking was a fine bit of melancholy.. Pretty sure that Moffat and his likes wouldn’t even think of doing that without three pages of monologue and music that beats the entire scene to death.

  2. The dynamic between 2 & 3 highlights something we have missed out on because of the series cancellation and that is that we never really got to see 4-7 interact with each other on screen.

    I know there was Dimensions in time but it was essentially a 2nd rate multi-doc story. It was a mess and it also doubled up as an Eastenders special. I am thankful for Big Finish though, they do a great job of “righting the wrongs” of the TV series in general. I love Sirens of Time just for that reason.

    To bring up the issue of what doctors to include in a special I would say that they should have looked at which actors had already had a chance to reprise their roles after leaving.

    perhaps It wouldn’t have been a problem if the 50th had no classic Doctors (stock footage aside) if there was already a 30th & 40th anniversary with them in it.

  3. The Three Doctors was my first classic Who story I have ever watched, followed by The Aztecs (I thought it was okay), Tomb of the Cybermen (disappointing for me), and then Mind Robber!

  4. Delia Derbyshire was not in any way responsible for the terrible, and thankfully unused, 10th Anniversary Doctor Who theme tune. Arranged by Brian Hodgson, it was performed by Paddy Kingsland on the Radiophonic Workshop’s Delaware synthesiser.

    Also, the theme didn’t appear on episodes of “Frontier in Space” but survived on an early edit of episode two of “Carnival Of Monsters ” that was shipped to Australia.

    Re: “The Three Doctors” being the best anniversary story. No, that was “The Day of the Doctor.”

    Re: “Carnival Of Monsters” a metaphor for the show itself. Guess what, you’re only the second person ever to have pointed this out. I was the first. Glad you like the idea and that it improved the story for you. Here’s my review: http://www.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/carnival.html

    Re:Frontier in Space/Planet of the Daleks: These stories are not “roughtly” connected to each other, they are directly connected by a cliff-hanger. Basically, it’s the Letts eras attempt to recreate the brilliant “The Daleks’ Master Plan.” It fails horribly, and only manages to point out how diluted and child friendly Doctor Who had become of late. Here’s my review: http://www.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/frontierdaleks.html

    Re: The Green Death. Here’s my Review: http://www.kaldorcity.com/features/articles/greendeath.html

    • I really thought it was Delia Derbyshire but shall defer to your knowledge. Are you sure about it being connected to Carnival of Monsters? I thought it was Frontier ep5.

      Beg to disagree about Day of the Doctor.

      It mighta been your site I read the theory on. I cant remember where I came across it and I have read your site.

      If Frontier/ Planet were supposed to be taken as one massive story they woulda been one story. There’s been inter story cliffhangers before but those aren’t usually seen as one massive story but a linking device. If you wanna see them as one story then thats fine but its about as necessary as seeing Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear as one story.

      Guys, we might have minor disagreements but Alan knows his stuff. Check out his site.

      • Re: “Are you sure about it being connected to Carnival of Monsters? I thought it was Frontier ep5.”

        Actually, I’ve done some further checking and it’s both.

        Re: “Beg to disagree about Day of the Doctor.”

        9 times out of ten I’m in full accord with your comments on Nu Who, but I really thought Moffat pulled it off with this one.

        Re: “It mighta been your site I read the theory on. I cant remember where I came across it and I have read your site.”


        Re: “If Frontier/ Planet were supposed to be taken as one massive story they woulda been one story.”

        Both stories take place during the same period of future history, and both feature elements of a plan by the Daleks to conquer the galaxy. On closer inspection you can see that Terry Nation wrote his story having not read the scripts for “Frontier in Space,” and they are actually two entirely separate stories pretending to be a single ongoing narrative, but this is down to incompetence (on behalf of Letts and Dicks), as the intention was to emulate the 12 (13?) part “The Daleks’ Master Plan.”

        Re: “There’s been inter story cliffhangers before but those aren’t usually seen as one massive story but a linking device.”

        We are going into a bit of a grey area now. Is “Mission to the Unknown” a separate story, or episode one of “The Daleks’ Master Plan”? Is “An Unearthly Child” a one part story, or the first installment of a four parter about cavemen? We can play this game all day. In the in the 1960s there was a general rule, but not a hard and fast one.

  5. The Three Doctors got around a problem with multi-doctor stories, too many Doctors completing for screen time while also fighting the companions,villains,and general story. Hence way I think multi doctor stories work better if it’s just 2-4 doctors with cameos from the rest and the companions sidelined.

  6. Seeing as how I’ve only seen the new Doctor Who series I’m very thankful for these guides. I hated Sad Tennants In Rain as well, but I can’t help but feel you’re being very harsh with the new show. At least I know WHY now.

  7. I started reviewing Classic Who back in November 2013, but I have been a fan since the 80’s, when the show ran on PBS. I have to agree with you on that theme. It was almost as bad as the one they gave the McCoy era. Anyway, I like what you’ve done with this series so far. Season 10 did have some good stuff and I like the fact that we actually get the show’s first attempt at an arc with seasons 8 and 10’s “Frontier in Space” and “Planet of the Daleks”. I don’t think Jo was really that stupid. She was certainly better than Dodo. It’s a real shame Delgado died because no one really did a better job as the Master.

  8. Very nice episode miss Hagan; lots of good trivia, good summarizing, and a nice selection of clips.

    Something interesting involving the Doctor-disliking-Doctor dynamic was that while Troughton and Pertwee may have had a number of arguments, it was play between them – they had a good friendship in private, and kept up the bickering between one another as they liked the effect it had. Still, I can see them not meshing entirely at the start of their working relationship, between their differing styles.

    I agree that Ten and Eleven’s meeting was pretty cordial for how the Doctors’ meetings usually go (although it does help that they have a few further points in common). Oddly, around the same time, there were sold by Big Finish that had similarly amiable meetings between Doctors. Eight and Four in “The Light At The End” in general were complementary between one another, with only a few snippets towards each others’ styles made (and far more complements in the same). Six and Seven also got along unusually well there too, for what time they spent together (granted, it was a crisis they were in that was focused on them specifically). “Shadow of Death”, which technically has Eleven and Two meeting (if only via telepathic message), has Two approving of Eleven’s dress sense (it’s a weak connection to the other examples, I know).

    I’m honestly surprised that the Draconians haven’t come up more often. However, they’ve appeared a number of times in Bernice Summerfield’s stories, and a few times in Big Finish’s own works.

    Another bit of trivia here is that the Master was originally intended meant to be another aspect of the Doctor. In a bit of irony, Delgado’s perishing allowed the Master to survive. It’s darkly humorous to consider the Master actually coming from his universe to our own and killing Delgado just to have his character continue, rather than hypnotising the writers into doing something else with the character.

    Funny enough, the green-screen of Jo and the Doctor in the cave with the maggots actually has a semi-creepy feel to it. The green reflecting off them (presumably from the green-screen itself) actually gives a sickly look to the place.

    • Green wasn’t a “key” colour that was used in the 1970s. It was either yellow or blue. What you were seeing was probably green lights set up by the director.

      • A man after my own heart – Colour Separation Overlay forever. On one of the DVD special features I have a special effects guy from the era went in depth and gave a pretty amusing account of all the experiments the BBC did at the time, admitting that they often didn’t come out well but saying they had a lot of fun trying out new things.

        I’ve also found that any DVD commentary by Katy Manning is generally a blast to listen to. She certainly seems to have enjoyed her time on the show and has no trouble laughing at herself.

  9. jon pertwee will always be my favorite as well as his era, it had a real sense of community and familiarity, even though i agree it can repeat itself in places I still liked it for the amazing characters, brilliant stories and the legend that is the master.

  10. Thanks for the guide, i really need it im a whovian but as a latino whovian i can only search so much. You help me a lot! ;D

  11. I just watched “Carnival of Monsters” tonight for the first time, and I enjoyed it. It has good pacing, and some nice satire on bureaucracy. I also thought that they gave the Inter-Minorans a good sense of being alien. Not bad for a bunch of guys in gray makeup and bald caps. 🙂

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