Hagan Review- 05 06 Emanuelle in America

Its time.. for Emanuelle!



  1. Another great episode! Reflecting on it, I think that some of the performances were really strong, and the writing and cinematography of the story bits really came off as very professional and engaging.
    For the actual review…. Oh my lordandladyships, that movie. I always knew that Emanuelle flicks tend to be unfocused messes where ethics are a footnote at best, but this one really knocked those elements ouf of the park and ran right after them. I’m not sure if my metaphors are making sense anymore, but the bottom line is, I enjoyed this greatly.

  2. I’d be up for the TGWTG porn parody. Who else could we have? The Nostalgia Dick, Cock in the Shadows, maybe even a few than aren’t genital puns!

    Also I’m pretty sure the woman Emmanuelle has sex with in the shower was also the star of Cannibal Ferox.

  3. I just noticed where you were in the poster. Tell Kitsunique nice touch.

    • Actually the photoshops currently done by Creature. Kitsunique has her hands full with being a mum right now 🙂

    • And actually actually, a certain video reviewer who tends to be far too humble came up with the idea herself and had to tell me twice to make it subtler. ;p

  4. I see what you did there in that thumbnail. well played

  5. You forgot to sensor the fake breast in the background in 4:53

    7:59 – “…and she will never have to take her clothes off again!” So…. does this mean women have to take a shower in their clothes? Plus, God created sex. If he would have been in some way specific about the topic of sex, then maybe his explanation would have worked.

    8:54 – He admits that he’s pure, and yet he’s giving a woman a death threat. This conversation just…………..wow!

    9;21 – If he wanted no part of her actions and hated what she does, then why didn’t he stop her immediately? He has a gun!

    11:30 – It would have been hilarious and unexpected if you dubbed in the voice actors from Zombie 90, because that’s what Joe reminded me of.

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