Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode47 (Charge of the Tight Brigade)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like.. ‘geek cred’. reality TV and how we met.


  1. If your going to go to Chessington then you should give the Epsom race course a look.

  2. Very fun episode!
    Just imagine, though, if ”’those”’ people who comment on TGWTG actually listened! I kind of feel bad for the girl at Omega’s girl scout camp. The dead mouse thing was pretty mean – ‘though I do understand where it came from.
    I also very much liked hearing about how you met and got together. It’s interesting how quickly it happened, too. It’s reassuring for my own love life at the moment.

  3. That geek cred thing is ridiculous, I’ve never played the original Mario Bros. games. I grew up with a Mega drive and my first Nintendo console was the gamecube, so I just missed that boat.

    when growing up I remember being exposed to lots of olds films watching late night TV, – both obscure and classic – but because of the modern internet we are going to see a lot of younger people not knowing a lot of these films.

    cultural appropriation is only silly when the person seems to have an over romanticized view of the culture. enjoying the food of a culture is just harmless really.

  4. I’ve never tried using them, but the site “The Emulator Zone” lists several Virtual Boy emulators. The best seems to be vbjin.


    Btw, just to be thorough, an emulator not listed on that site is Mednafen/pcejjin. Mednafen would be the command line only emulator, and pcejin is a separate project that made a gui for it.


    And finally, on the off chance you want to see an emulator commanded to play an inhumanly perfect Wario Land game, there’s this:

  5. I abhor terms like “geek cred” or “real nerd.” If you like Final Fantasy 7, you’re a FF7 fan, not a “real nerd”… I played it and didn’t like it that much, personally. I mean sure, I have my own list of ‘must-play’ games and ‘movies that everyone has to watch’, but it’s not a badge of honor, just my own bad taste in popular media.

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