Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode48 (Lesbians of the Galaxy)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like.. Lesbians of the Galaxy…



  1. This is probably one of the nerdiest episodes yet, and I have exactly zero complaints about that.

    I also noticed the high density of quotes and quote-worthy concepts, such as a Madem Tusseaud’s 4D Spider-Man sex show, Han Solo with his team of also-Han Solos, University ninja teams, irrational icecream and, most amusingly to me, the exasperation waveform.
    That’s an incomplete list, by the way. Keeping my tumblrpost notes on this one for sure.

    My Beloved told me the other day that Brian Henson is trying to get a cinematic FarScape movie made. I wonder if that’s an attempt to capitalize on the anticipated success of Guardians Of The Galaxy. I certainly wouldn’t complain if it happened. (Unless it sucked. Then I would complain a lot for a long time).

    Regarding the discussion on unwanted limb syndrome. I’m inclined to agree with the notion of amputation being a better option than constant distress. Keeping all your parts is not a great tradeoff for the terrible quality of life that it may bring in that scenario.

  2. On an unrelated note, Akinator just guessed you after only 9 questions.

    • Ha! About a year ago I tried it for a laugh and he couldnt guess me.

      • “Does your character have minions ?”

  3. Shadowrun is what you are thinking of. With the cyborgs omega. Ghost in the shell was the exploration of whether or not cyborgs could still be considered human after they got rid of all their parts.

  4. Sounds horrible, but I have to say it. Omega’s comments are coming dangerously close to being jokes showcased in “female logic” Tumbler posts.
    1) I hate the character Wasp, because it reminds me of real wasps. Which I have a negative emotional reaction too. Which colors my reactions to ANYTHING associated to wasps… okay,
    2) I hate Teen Titans because of an emotional reaction I had to an event that had nothing to do with that show… but that show was on a the time… so I hate that show!… Okay… no wait what?!?
    That’s as justified as saying “I have to punish my boyfriend/girlfriend for cheating on me!… in a dream I had!”

    It could be done for comedy, but I dread thinking such sentiments can be glossed over because “Oh we’re just being funny geeky quirky girls, We don’t need to justify/defend anything with logic LOL LOL..”

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