Special Review- Vegas in Space

The second of three MAGFest 2014 reviews. Hagan teams up with Rantasmo from ‘Needs More Gay’ to review a DRAG QUEENS IN SPACE movie.

If Vegas in Space is blocked try clicking here!



  1. What I’m gathering here is that there is a room in the gaylord hotel where one can find a deposit of genetic material sufficient for making one’s very own minions. Tempting!

    What a strange little movie Vegas in Space is.. A character ark of any sort would be asking too much, right? Just checking.

  2. Holy wow this looks amazing. Seems like it might be a good companion piece to Gayniggers from Outer Space.

  3. Oops, commented before the end of the vid…

  4. I think I know where they shot on location. The batteries in the Marin Headlands, the WWII era concrete bunkers and such just north west of the golden gate bridge. Fun place to explore for a cheap date.

  5. Must…stop….staring…at…Rantasmo’s guns…

  6. Seriously, I would do anything to get hold of that death metal cover of “Lecher Bitch.” Preferably an extended version.

    • Vaults of Extoth did just that short version. Im sure Iv suggested they do a full cover for an album though.

      • Oh yes, it would make me so veddy heppy if they did

  7. This is one of the best openings to an ep ever. I loved the jokes and this is already one of my favorite Hagan reviews.

    • Count Jackula’s two cameos are another highlight.

  8. castle-ception

  9. Actium Maximus: War of the Alien Dinosaurs is on youtube:

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