Hagan Review 05 07 Siege (Aka Self Defense, Night Warriors and New York 1991)

Early 80s Canadian neo-nazis and a police strike, whats not to love? Well the multiple names the film is known by for one.

WARNING: There’s some strobe lighting in the review.



  1. Dear Mrs. Hagan,
    I remembered your tweet about tearing up while writing this, along with a different tweet stating, “Emotional Hagan…is a d*mn good writer.” I couldn’t resist the impulse to watch this earlier. It is excellent and I will try to catch up even more. Have an excellent day!
    Zachary Krishef

    • Nooooo! This isnt the season finale and its not the one I teared up when writing. Thats Rock and Rule (s5 ep10) 🙂

      • It was still worth it! Excellent writing, excellent review, excellent jokes (“What Is Love?”), etc! I must catch up!

      • First off, I know you’re an evil ruler etc but holy fuck, that credit strobe, give us a little warning, ok?

        And also AIEEE! I love (unironically) Rock and Rule. Someone had to.

  2. Great work once again! The storyline really has me on the edge of my seat now. It kind of looks things are cutting close to the throat for the Lecher Bitch…

  3. I just like the implication that, amidst all the murder and world-conquering, the Mistress has time to play Skyrim.

  4. No, no. Do not fire AT Will, he is my first mate!

  5. Wouldn’t it be Blind Person SONAR, not Radar?

  6. Hey Mistress, Have you heard of death racers? It’s an asylum film knock off of death race, but it hast the Insane Clown Posse in it.

  7. they got a lot of use out of that hatch

  8. Hagan, you have insulted the honour of my beloved Farscape and so I challenge you to a duel!

    • I shall stand as your second! Let us rally behind our glorious battle cry: “crackers don’t matter!”

      • Frell. Now my loyalties are seriously conflicted!

  9. Impending lecture. I apologize in advance.

    Oh, and on the subject of the blind kids… I’m blind. And “why do you wear glasses?” is the most common question I get right after “but you can drive, right? (The answer to which is obviously: “No. What is wrong with you?”)

    Many blind people can see SOMETHING tho it might not be much. (the working definition of “blind” that the US government at least uses boils down to “vision is so poor as to be useless for most tasks.”) It might just be light that one can detect, which might be painful rather than informative, which is one reason to wear shades. (My pupils are permanently dilated for instance. The world is way too shiny.) I can see whatever I put right up in my face, as long as I am wearing my ridiculous glasses. More than six inches away, and I’m going by memory, vague shape, and guesswork.

    So because blind people in film are always either useless or magical, I kinda liked that they made the one kid seem to be the brains of the outfit. And while sensory deprivation compensation is PHYSICALLY nonsense, I do maintain that we learn to pay better attention to non visual signals in our surroundings out of necessity. I wind up saying to my friends “what, you really can’t hear that?” more often than you might expect.

    But really, this movie is so problematic on so many levels. The bad guys are bad because they prey on the weakest of the weak: blind kids and gay people! And the gay people are less capable. Just wow.

  10. “Being a homo is not a normal way of life.” –Quoth the movie-loser.

    For my rebuttal, I have but one word: BONOBOS. (Though technically, they’re bisexual. But I doubt the homophobes in this movie can tell the difference, so…)

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