Flubs- Siege

A collection of Flubs, bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternate takes from the Vegas in Space review.



  1. I love the “cameo” bit, and I did go back through the review to see if it actually made it in. Also, this featured the most awkward making out I’ve ever seen. And I really like that directing seems to be kind of a rotating task.

    • The way I understand it is: Diamanda has a vision of the scene, the one who happens to control the camera directs a bit to make sure the shot is… well, in shot and if anyone has an idea that may be good, they say it out loud and at least one take is spent on it.

      Then again, I may be completely wrong.

  2. Wow… Pippa can talk (if she is being dubbed). Oh, and about the being shit thing? You’re not shit. Seriously.
    (And I know two people who would have gotten the UN joke without any prior knowledge: Creature and Jethro… And yes, I forgot to mention Jethro when I made a very similiar claim back at BroCon.)

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