Special Review- Myra Breckinridge

The 3rd and final MAGFest crossover of 2014. Hagan and The Cinema Snob watch Myra ‘Fucking’ Breckinridge.



  1. That’s a truly wonderful cowboy hat.

  2. This was very much worth the wait. The movie was a great choice for this crossover, the performances are strong and the gags hit right in the face. (I may have lost a tooth or two on this one)

    I also loved the cameos. The first one (which I won’t spoil) was an absolute stroke of genius both in casting and in how it’s set up.

  3. Two of my favorite reviewers ever! absolutely amazing. Loved the intro where you were squaring off over bad movies, proud to say I’ve seen every one of those reviews.

    You two really need to do more work together, the styles mesh well, the subject matter overlaps, and most importantly you two get the comedic timing and on-screen chemistry great!

    The cameos were awesome.

    in my opinion it just hit on all marks– excellent gags, writing, great delivery, good movie to review for both parties involved.

    This might be my favorite co-reviews of yours!

  4. This seems as good a time as any to end my years of silent fandom. I just wanted to say I’ve been waiting a long time to see my two favourite reviewers do a cross-over, and it didn’t disappoint.

  5. I wanted a Cinema Snob-Diamanda Hagen crossover, and I finally got it!

  6. I have been waiting for years for someone to review this terrable piece of schlock and two of the best reviews online decide to go at it together (with some added help). This is easily the best magfest crossover you have done this year

  7. This movie teaches a very important thing: If you combine period-relative shock value with ham-armed surrealism, you can get ANYTHING made!

    Also, don’t take the brown acid.

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