Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode53 (Grade School Spies)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like getting pissed off at Saudi Arabia and Republican LARPers.

Quicksilvers account.



  1. Talk about ICP some more, I guarantee you can get a whole bunch of extra listeners. :p

  2. I think I might sum-up Captain America’s super power as you’re thinking of it as “the ability to be 100% idealistic, without being naive”.

    Idealism gets positioned opposite cynicism in the popular consciousness a lot, but I’d argue that the opposite of cynicism is actually naivete, and the opposite of idealism is nihilism. Cynicism begets nihilism, and naivete flatters idealism, but those are emotional reactions, not hard logical connections. Other configurations are rationally possible, they just aren’t as emotionally self reinforcing.

    But also, tell Omega he’s basically American Carrot Ironfoundersson (in the movies, at least).

  3. I’ve always been confused by americans using the word “liberal” (which seems to stand for “The boogeyman ! He’s behind you ! “) , but if teaparty guys are being labelled as liberal, then I officially don’t know what they’re talking about any more.

    Also, isn’t wolvenstein already an exploitation shooter in a way ?

    • In American politics, “liberal” and conservative” have long become detached from their literal or original meanings, and these days pretty much mean “us” and “them” (obviously subjectively, not respectively). The tea party considers itself conservative, so a tea party candidate being called “liberal” would most likely be campaign trashtalk by rivals within the party.

      Basically it means “Don’t for him: he’s not ‘us’ enough to represent you. Just look at these oogy ‘them’ things he does/believes. Vote for me instead.”

  4. I’m sorry to hear Omega dislike of Cap. I personally love the guy. Especially in the MCU. Chris Evans gives him such a humanity and warmth. I don’t know much about how he’s shown in the comics most of the time (I’m trying to get into reading Marvel comics after being a DC mark for a long time) but from what I’ve seen of him in the various cartoons and other media, I don’t know how he could be seen as a douche. I mean he can be stubborn, but only because he wants to do the right thing no matter the cost and that can cause a lot of conflict and trouble because he doesn’t always know what the right thing is all the time. But he’s just decent. He makes other people better, like Diamanda said. He wants to support his team maters and friends, and guide them to doing their best and being the best person they can be and how is that not likeable?

    Also, call me an optimist, but I think there are decent people like Cap in the world. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, even in our cynical modern world to think that someone given the powers he has that they would help people because it’s the right thing to do, because he’s been the one hurt and and taken advantage of before.

    • Appealing to Omega, I’d tell her “He’s basically American Carrot Ironfoundersson”. In the movies, at least (not that familiar with the comics).

      In more general terms, I’d sum up is superpower as Hagan frames it as “the ability to be 100% idealistic without being naive”.

      Idealism is usually placed opposite cynicism in the popular consciousness, but I think the opposite of cynicism is actually naivete, and the opposite of idealism is nihilism. People get it mixed up because cynicism+nihilism and naivete+idealism are emotionally self-reinforcing combos, so it’s easy if one isn’t thinking too hard to to conflate idealism with naivete, and nihilism with cynicism. Rationally, it’s possible to be both idealistic and cynical.

      Cap’s superpower is the ability to be both without one emotionally compromising the other at all. This is why he turns out to be right when people think he shouldn’t.

  5. I’m listener number 6!

    • I’m not a number! I am a free man!

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