Backseat Critique- Noah

Noah finally came out in Northern Ireland. Hagan, Robyn and Sarah weathered the storm.



  1. I like transitions too 🙂

  2. I genuinely liked this film (and not in a so-bad-it’s-good way) and one of my favourite aspects was that it really went into how fucked up the whole concept of the flood is. Noah isn’t meant to be the hero here (Crowe repeatedly said in interviews that he was a prick who let the world die around him) and his turn into the villain of the third act was intentional on the part of the filmmakers (I really liked the screaming scene; it’s pretty much how I would have done it). I actually really liked what they did with Ray Winstone’s character, actually giving him a lot of good points about god’s relationship (or lack of) with him (also him screaming ‘Man United are invincible’ was hilarious).

    I think the reason that I was able to take it seriously was that Aronofky did the whole thing in a very mythological fashion, which helped me look past what would otherwise seem bizarre and contrived story developments. I liked the acting myself as well; I’m quite a fan of Jennifer Connolly as an actress (I’d really recommend checking out Once Upon A Time In America) although her and Emma Watson’s screaming faces did get a bit funny at times.

    Aronofsky himself is ethnically Jewish but is not a religious practitioner, so here we’re getting more of an agnostic take on the whole story. He has put Jewish and Kabbalic themes in his work before though (Pi being the most prominent).

    Also technically perfection is attainable, but only within pure mathematics (Euler’s identity being one example) and Robyn, it hasn’t been the Wachowski brothers for a while now, given that Larry is now called Lana (and appears to be under attack by a pink cephalopod).

  3. Damn, I love it when movies bring out the mythological/religious/metaphysical concepts, because that’s when the way you poke holes into the whole thing really comes out to shine.

    The gender-dymorphic aging is kind of hilarious to me. It’s the Hollywood norm of “Old male lead, young female love interest”, taken to the absolutely ridiculous extreme.

    I like the word “Androginger. Hm, it sounds like… Yep, just checked. It’s somebody’s tumblr url, too.

    This movie sounds like it might be pretty good for riffing. I have to agree that it could have been much better in a genuine way if they had turned up the fantastical bible aspects more. But then, you might as well watch anime.


  4. Weirdly enough, the “Curse of Ham” episode in the Bible actually has Noah cursing Canaan, Ham’s son, not Ham himself. Which was probably the justification for the people of Israel wiping out Canaanites later on. How that was later changed to Ham, then used as an excuse for the enslavement/subjugation of black people baffles me, but then again, so does putting an eternal curse on your grandson because your son pointed and laughed at your tiny dick while you were fucked up on cheap moonshine.

    The Bible be fucked up, yo.

  5. Very interesting Diamanda, the Norse have a flood myth. It was Ymir’s blood that caused the flood, killing of giants, aside from two who hidden, and repopulated their species. And it occured before and during the creation of the mortal world, so it’s a bit diffrent…

  6. This sounds like the best film ever. I’ve got to see it.

  7. Four wheeled pedal bicycles do exist but as Diamanda said, they look more like carriages than actual bikes. I couldn’t find any four-wheelers with the wheels all in a straight row. 🙂

    I am atheist but I find the biblical mythology interesting (as I do with all mythology). I’d love to see someone make a movie or book based on and combining the various mythologies in the world at that time interacting and how it shaped their societies and particular beliefs.

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