Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode54 (LARP and Order)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff like talking LARP with Derek the Bard.

Quicksilvers account.



  1. Please cease and desist using my name for your work.
    Use your name. I do not wish my name being used
    in this way.
    DIamanda Galas
    June 20 2014 Hobart Tasmania

    • You’re insulting Diamanda Galas by assuming she’d be so stupid as to think she owns the name Diamanda. You’re insulting yourself by doing such a bad job of masquerading as her and you insult everyone involved by thinking a wordpress comment is a correct legal channel for a cease and desist request.

    • But just to humour you. I named my character Diamanda Hagan in honour of several different musicians. Im not claiming to be Diamanda Galas, nor am I doing anything in her name. Someone would have to be stupid or insane to think I was trying (or succeeding) in doing anything with her name. Do you think she owns the name ‘Diamanda’? Because I doubt it.

      • That is Diamanda Galas. But pay her no mind, she is a real dick on the internet. She has no monopoly or trademark on that name, besides she says that “Diamanda” is a nickname for “Athamandia” (which she claims to be her real name) but for some reason her driver’s license says “Diane Helen Galas”. She is an internet drama queen and loves to stir up things.

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