05 08 Boy Meets Girl

Hagan finally takes on the 1990s most infamous British erotic torture movie!



  1. Very strong and fun episode! It’s going to be interesting to see the long-term implications for the country of Haganistan playing out …

  2. Meh. I’d have preferred a review of “Audition”.

  3. Actually I have heard of it for some reason. I think it was mentioned in some fanzine or a book in 90s.

  4. I would definitely watch an Adam Curtis documentary called ‘The TV’s Laughing At You’.

  5. Can’t wait until you review Pink Angels. Will be the very first thing you’ve reviewed that I’ve actually seen.

    BTW, are you accepting applications for minion status. For I wish to join the army of Haganistan.

    • Already done. Season 5 ep 3. Just click on the Hagan Reviews section and scroll down a few 🙂

  6. Just as a minor nitpick, it’s actually “Canada geese” not Canadian. Stupid bloody pest birds. Keep up the good work. HAIL HAGAN!

    • Actually in my written script it was Canada Geese, that was just the best take!

      • Fair enough, fair enough. Amazing how many people get it wrong without knowing, unfortunately.

  7. @canuxploitation My friend Jessica Cameron’s friend Jason Lupish made Toronto’s Jason Andres/Edward “Dollhouse/Sarah’s Dodge/Strange Love” Balli’s A Kind of Wonderful Thing, a pfrime modern slice of Canuxploitation.

    Canada Geese – Canadian Geese, doesn’t Trial of a Time Lord make that ‘stake too?

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