Cameos- Indy Christian Review: In Gramps Shoes

It always an honour to appear in one of your fave review shows. And if that fave makes people who know I’m a crazy, atheist queer really confused then all the better!



  1. It doesn’t confuse me that you like this show, this just confirms what I, as a Christian long-term fan of your work (both Diamanda Hagan and Lesbian Talk), have assumed since your (hilarious!) Left Behind and Apocalypse reviews: that you are the kind of atheist I can respect. And thanks for showing us this bloke, have already bookmarked his website!
    Also: are you going to review “Rock and Rule” soon? I love that movie and can’t wait to see what Diamanda has to say about it!

    • Well Im just as capable of being an asshole atheist as anyone 😛

      Rock and Rule is actually in editing (it should be up in 3 weeks) Im also editing regoregitated sacrifice right now (it goes up next) and then its rock and rule (its a long ep with lots of stuff in it so i decided to film it in pieces rather than all at once)

      • Well and I guess that sometimes I’m capable of being a self-righteous d-bag Christian like everybody else. Nobody is perfect. 🙂
        Like the screens. Wonder if that skull is Teddy’s?.
        Regoregiated Sacrifice sounds…interesting.

    • The skull is Teddys, Teddy has been appearing regularly in s5 as a skull..

  2. You two should do a crossover on the next Left Behind movie you have planned.

    • Well its not any of the Left Behinds but we shall be working together on a movie review in the future. Little bits have been written and the movie is a blast.

      • Looking forward to it! Will it be his review or yours?

  3. But Diamanda…. How can you appear in something so opposite to your views and practices? I mean… It’s so… so… short!

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