05 09 ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

This is the sequel to ‘Slaughtered Vomit Dolls’ and has roughly as much coherence and happiness in it.



  1. It really can’t have been easy to make this thing-that-is-kind-of-a-film funny, but you succeeded greatly. I really enjoyed the jaws theme gag (fits so perfectly), and the voice of the DVD was adorable, which is.. kind of strange, all things considered. Several of the punchlines were incredibly dark (foursome, bratwurst), but I do guess that fits the theme nicely. And it’s great to see the other side of the time travel phone convo from Where The Dead Go To Die, nicely tying the two most horrifying movies of the season together.
    And you just gotta love the Tom Baker reference before the cliffhanger… And that cliffhanger… It’s sumtin’ else, I tells ya!

  2. I always love you’re ability to make even the most repellant things funny, and I love how you got Doug to say some repellant things.

    2 questions:
    did Lewis know what Abraxas was before you got him to say that line? because if so I’m impressed, that’s a pretty obscure film,

    and was that the Soska sisters (of Dead Hooker in the Trunk and American Mary fame) playing the twins?

    • They definetely look like them. A simple look to the IMDB page of ReGORE says it’s not them. I’m so confused.

      BTW I got shivers with the spider and thread scene, just ugh.

  3. Now I know your full name.

  4. They also tend to emit the book of Revelations from illustrated kid’s bibles…. A pity since it has some really nice imagery and I’d like to see a fully illustrated version. I expected a penis monster reference for the weird POV shots, but that mention of the Death Star Robots was even funnier, and strangely adorable.
    Also yes, I agree with creaturesh somehow you managed to make this very unpleasant looking movie funny with your review, .until the scalping thing…man, what was that? I never know how I’m supposed to feel about films like this,On the one hand I agree that art needs to be free to do its thing and challenge people, on the other hand I really I feel a bit bad that this and “where the dead go to die” got made and many other movies with coherent and unique storylines get turned down or shelved.

  5. Enjoyed some chorizo and eggs while watching this video. They became mildly less enjoyable as the video went on.

  6. Thank you so much for convincing me I shouldn’t watch M. Valentine’s movies, even out of curiosity. Furthermore, a reference to Rob Ager?! Sweet Baby Jesus, I thought I was the only one who knew about Rob Ager! (Of course, I thought I was the only one who knew about Lucifer Valentine. I do live in a small town.) Thank the Mistress, I am not alone!

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