Commentary- Biggles Review

Me and Robyn did a commentary for the Biggles review



  1. Yay, a commentary!
    I have found out many things today, and I feel enriched. Maybe you should hang up a sign “You don’t have to be legally inhuman to work on this show, but it helps” in the filming room.
    All this talk of famous actors’ last (voiceover) roles and no Unicron? For shame! Or too obvious.
    Also, I see that you are not afraid to ask the big questions.

    • Unicron is NOT a shameful role though. Its one of Welles best.

      • Yeah, but only because his total lack of giving a shit happened to work perfectly for an aloof omnipotent being! 😉

  2. Technically, you could still review R.U.R. as Cyborg Alistair after the fact. I mean, you kept on having the Quantum Leap exploitation film reviews well after Hagan’s return to her own body, so the audience could just assume that the R.U.R. review took place during Alistair’s robot phase.

    I mean, c’mon, surely your not going to tease us with something like that and and then not follow up on it over something silly like continuity.

  3. Nice Commentary. =D Now I hope we one day get The Mistress’ commentary for The End of Time. That is something I am dying to hear. ❤

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