05 10 Rock and Rule review

The invasion is about to begin and Hagan has a movie to review.. (review starts about 10 minutes in)

If the Rock and Rule review has been blocked in your country TRY HERE!



  1. 6:09 – “I’m invincible.” That could have been a good opportunity for Hagan to say “Why you’re loony!”

    12:20 – haha, what is this Wizards that you speak of?

    Plus, this is a movie that I would really want to watch. Yes, it is silly and has a lot of content that looks like it was intended for young adults. But at the same time, it does look like a boat full of fun.

    Now, I’ve only seen your crossover review of Heavy Metal with NC, but I have never listen to the commentary of the review. I really do wonder what you truly think about the movie, as well as the sequels.

  2. Good timing. The SD Version of this review is your 666th video on Blip!

  3. Yaaaaaay Finally! You’re reviewing a movie I have previously seen! And even one I like! This was hilarious, I love Diamanda comparing Mock to herself and calling Cindy Emma Bunton.
    And yup! You addressed the biggest issue I have with the movie too, Mock destroys Nuke York (possibly murdering Cindy in the process) and nobody, not even Cindy’s brothers, acknowledges it. My other big issue is that Angel’s signature song is pretty much her telling Omar “I’ll just stand here and admire you in hopes that you’ll love me back someday!” Way to write the only female main character, Rock an Rule. And…now that you said it…the two other band-mates would have made an awesome gay couple. Good to see Teddy finally back too

  4. This is a brilliant season finale. I always enjoy seeing you take on “lighter” fare, as it contrasts with the Hagan character very well. And the conclusion of the story arc was magnificent. I think this definitely cements Diamanda Hagan as on the same level as Doctor Doom. Three steps ahead with minimal effort and technologically advanced enough to repel the most powerful army in the world without even looking. Also, I really liked the callback to heavy metal in using Radar Rider in the credits.

  5. Speaking of Heavy Metal, any thoughts on the somewhat new show based on the original comic, M├ętal Hurlant Chronicles?

  6. Is there any likelihood of a Mr Noseybonk review being that he is considered the most evil of British Kids TV creations?

  7. Good review, although I wish you’d picked a weirder fetish for the president at the beginning to go with the Nazi uniform, like amputee donkeys or plantation roleplay (which actually exists, believe it or not). Co-joined twins wasn’t unusual enough to be hilarious (for me at least).

  8. It’s weird, but Mock in his mansion kind of reminds me of Dracula when Jonathan Harker first comes to his mansion in Transylvania. They’re both tall, thin, rather gaunt men with white hair, sharp noses and dark clothing. I doubt it was intentional on the part of the people who made the movie, though.

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