Special Review- Gabriel Over the White House (Possession review)

A fascist worshiping movie from the early 30s and Hagan possess HERSELF (Circa season 1).


  1. Great review, but a movie about an autocratic president who illegally sidesteps congress at every opportunity and not one Obama joke? A bit surprising.

    • Mostly because Obama might be a dickhead in many ways but Iv not noticed him being any worse for that than other recent presidents.

  2. Well, that was extremely fucking creepy.
    Rick Santorum’s movie company is probably planning a remake as we speak.

  3. It would have been good if the events of the story i.e. the world donination had been all the last dream of the dieing president, and insted of mass employment and taking oer the world all he was remboerd for is being a darwin award winner.

  4. Great review and splendid continuity porn!
    There is a certain symmetry to it…

    Also, this movie is really interesting in that it is a reminder of how different attitudes about fascism used to be…. And still would be if it hadn’t been demonstrated so plainly why it’s a bad idea.

  5. Well, it seems not even Hagan herself is free of the wrath of…Hagan. I’m surprised your possessions transcend time as well as space. Still, interesting episode, and a lot of neat commentary on it. 🙂 I need to catch more of your possession videos.

  6. Weird

    The scene of executions with the statue of liberty behind strikes me as such an odd decision (not to say expensive) I do wonder if someone on the production was against the fascist tone of the film and had the scene staged in that way as if to contrast the ideas of liberty with what’s happening.

  7. Well, now we know how the Fallout universe came to be…

  8. Thank you for inserting Jack Nicholson into that photo. I needed that.

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