Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode62 (Sealand the Brave)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… feminism in games. We also have a semi-regular feature where we discuss a Classic Doctor Who serial. This time- Mark of the Rani.



  1. Omega: the new Battlestar Galactica switched up established characters genders without hurting anything. Actually in Starbuck’s case, the character kinda got better.

  2. Also both 616 and 666 are the number of the beast, because it’s a sneaky way of calling out Emperor Nero for oppressing the early Christians.

    Hebrew traditionally uses letters from its alphabet as its numbers, and “Nron Qsr” (“Neron Caesar”, the Greek way of writing of “Emperor Nero”, transliterated into Hebrew letters) adds up to 666 if you add the letters together as numbers.

    Add everything together using the Latin “Nero Caesar” transliterated into Hebrew, “Nro Qsr”, and you end up with the 616 variation.

  3. One of the possible reasons that the trains between Derry and Belfast take so long is that the single train track near City of Derry Airport is closed whenever a plane takes off or lands due to safety concerns…

    And no, I’m no more a satanist than Blaise Pascal, who often is mistakenly called the inventor of the game.

  4. I kind have to agree with Omega here in that I prefer characters to be kept in their original gender/ethnicity/nationality whatever. However there SHOULD be more female, non-white and/or non-straight characters in pretty much any form of media and I’m confident were are (slowly) getting there.
    However, I really, really, REALLY would like to see a female Doctor on Doctor Who, or alternatively a Gay incarnation of the doctor. Regeneration seems to change everything else, why not gender or orientation…or ethnicity for that matter?

  5. Have to say I agree with diamanda on the whole fake niceness thing in shops I kinda like it when they show more of their real selves rather than the fake cheery smile that you always get, dunno if that’s because I worked in a busy shop for two and a half years and know their pain haha also I am so fed up playing games as a 20/30 year old straight white guy with really short hair and a generic American accent I mean a bit of diversity wouldn’t go amiss best thing about saints row is that I can play as a 6foot whatever shiny silver clown with purple dreads who loves to air guitar 🙂

  6. I see Omega’s point about changing established characters, however, there are certain instances where it would make complete sense in canon for a character to change genders between games (movies, seasons, etc.) Someone mentioned the Doctor, but Link is a reincarnation of himself within each game (If I’m understanding the lore correctly), so it would seem to make sense that Link might be reborn in a female body at some point, and Zelda in a male body. In addition, a story in which male Link were the one damseled, leaving female Zelda to rescue him, could lead to some interesting dynamics in story and game play.

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