A Quick Guide to Classic Who- Season 20

Hagan is doing a guide to Classic Doctor Who. The whole thing! This is Season 20.



  1. Just asking, are you going to look at the Paul McGann movie or does that not count as Classic Who?

    • I’ll be doing an ep on TV Who from 1989 until 2005 🙂

      • Oh interesting 🙂 there was a tonne of interesting stuff then like the novels.
        The movie though was a bit odd because it has some aspects of the revived show, like the “Everyone lives” gambit which makes it a bit foreshadowing.

      • I wonder if you could say something about BFA in conclusion, i.e. important arcs like with 8 and his Susan shenanigans or, say, Charley/6 and Paradox!Peri. Since it’s all canon now *grin*

        And general thought on new!who maybe? Not in Twatty review sense but … mmm … just general opinion without comedic overtones.

        [off] Also – i admire your restraint here to not to bitch about “Day”.
        [off-2] Did you heard about new Peri trilogy? ^^

  2. Again, this is a pretty good edition. Just a few comments.

    “Omega- who has spent so much time in an anti matter universe that he’s been reduced to pretty much nothing but his will and mind.”

    This should really read, “his willy and mind,” as the Ergon looks like a massive cock. If you don’t believe me got to 2.57 to see what I mean.

    “Sarah Sutton didn’t want to leave the show and the story’s lack of coherence makes me think the writer didn’t want her to go either and he was trying to save her by sabotaging the story. It didn’t work.”

    However, in the real world, the problems with this story has more to do with the fact that the production team had planned for a number of adventures to take place with just Nyssa and the Doctor, with Tegan joining them at a later date.

    Then producer John Nathan-Turner changed his mind and decided to reintroduce Tegan in the opening story. That’s why Tegan has very little to do in ‘The Arc of Infinity,’ and why we have that horrible set of co-incidences where Tegan just happens to be in Amsterdam to meet her cousin, who just happens to have been taken prisoner by Omega, a renegade Time Lord who just happens to want to take over the 5th Doctor’s body.

    Anyway, ‘Terminus’ (originally called ‘Terminal’ until someone pointed out that had also been the name of a recent episode of Blake’s 7), was again written as a Nyssa/Fifth Doctor story, and it didn’t feature the Black Guardian, Tegan or Turlough. Which may explain why Turlough spends most of the story stuck in a ventilator shaft, staring at Tegan’s arse. Nyssa was also not originally intended to leave at the end of the story.

    “For some reason it was decided to bring [Kamelion] along in the Tardis at the end of the story, where he was put in a store room until the end of season 21.”

    Originally, Kamelion was only meant to appear in the final story of season 20, ‘Warhead’ (also known as “The Return”), and according to “The King’s Demons” writer Terence Dudley, it was going to be revealed that the robot has been manufactured by the Daleks.

    However, an industrial dispute caused this story to be cancelled, and held over to season 21, where it appeared under its new title
    “Resurrection of the Daleks”. Kamelion was also removed for the story, when they discovered how limited its movements were, and how difficult it was to operate.

    Another little known fact***, is that during his time on the programme, JNT had his office tripped out, Richard Nixon style, with surveillance devices. Here is a transcript of a secretly recorded conversation made on 19/11/82:

    JNT: Pity Kamelion didn’t work out.

    SAWARD: Yes, it was completely fucking useless. What a stupid idea that was of yours.

    JNT: I thought we both agreed to give it a try?

    SAWARD: Not me. I was dead against it from the start.

    JNT: But when it was demonstrated to us last November you told me you were ‘most impressed.”

    SAWARD: No, you’re confusing me with someone else. I’d never said that.

    JNT: Why then did you give Kamelion such a major role in ‘Warhead’?

    SAWARD: ‘Warhead’? Kamelion was never in ‘Warhead’. I’d never put that piece of crap in my script.

    JNT: But Eric, I’ve read ‘Warhead’, look I’ve got the script here. See? The end of episode two, page 25, the Doctor says, ‘Kamelion, this is madness. The Daleks won’t thank you for capturing me. They’ll destroy you.’ And then you have Kamelion saying, ‘I didn’t quite tell you the truth. I was manufactured by the Daleks. I’m a Dalek agent.’ It’s all down here in black and white. Look for yourself Eric, for god’s sake!

    SAWARD: (SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY) No, no, it’s not true. Kamelion was your idea. I’ve never even heard of Kamelion. Kamelion who? See? Now give me that script. (SOUNDS OF A STRUGGLE) This has got nothing to do with me! it’s a fake. I’ll show you what I think of this shitty script. How do you open this window?

    JNT: You can’t. it’s painted shut.


    JNT: (SHOUTING OUT OF WINDOW). Eric? Are you alright? (BEAT) I think you’ve landed on Peter Davison’s car. (DOUBLE-BEAT) When can I expect the rewrites?

    ***Everything from here on is a pack of lies.

    • Just reading that story behind Kamelion gave me a good laugh. However, it did pay off on Planet of Fire. I’m not going to say why because I don’t want to spoil it.

      I haven’t seen that much of Terminus, but hearing about Nyssa’s departure really didn’t bum me out. Nyssa is pretty bland to me. I’m not sure if that has to do with her culture from the planet she was from, but if that’s the case, then her race must be pretty boring.

      Arc of Infinity – I kind of like most of this story. Although, bringing back Tegan was incredibly unnecessary, and I won’t fight anyone on that. However, this story does raise a question on whether or not if this does support Davies’ theory of how regeneration works. Russell was discussing with Moffat that even though there are two characters that Peter Capaldi played as in the whoniverse, he had a plan for it. Russell said that a timelord can choose a face from anyone and apply it to his next body. And from what I have heard, Steven Moffat is going to do it. Here’s the article if you want to know what I’m talking about:


      Mawdryn Undead – This was alright for me. I was pretty unaware of the massive continuity behind this one about the Brigadier. And seeing that Day of the Doctor shed light with that continuity made me smile. But Arc of Infinity did bring up it’s own continuity problems too in the first part, showing that the show is aware of the fact that it is nowhere near perfect.

      The Five Doctors – I really enjoyed this one! I do love that guardian that only showed up once in the show, and I would love to see it come back again, or make another that is like that. As for what Troughton’s advice to Davidson, that kind of explains on why he departed from the show. Peter did say that he could have stayed on the show for another 3 years if the writing and the shows direction was better than how it turned out. As for David Tennant, his reasoning for why he left is still a mystery to me. He said that he left because Davies, Phil Collinson, and Susie Liggat. was leaving the show, and he felt that it was best to leave the show at the time. My brother told me that was going to be in a show that was suppose to air during 2009, but was cancelled. And now Hagan said that it was because of Patrick Troughton that he left the show. The funny thing is that Davies already had a whole final season planned for Tennant too. It was turned into a comic book, which I do recommend, called The Crimson Hand. It had no Next Doctor, no Planet of the Dead, and no End of Time either! But what are you gonna do about it.

      • When it comes to the regeneration issue Id rather they didnt mention it. They didnt mention Amy being in Pompeii so why mention The Doctor? When it comes to Maxill my headcanon is that Timelords have a finite amount of possible bodies after a regeneration and it was a co-incidence that Maxcill and 6 were the same. But I am amused by the fan idea that 6 went back and tried to murder 5 :p

      • lol!

      • “Nyssa is pretty bland to me. I’m not sure if that has to do with her culture from the planet she was from, but if that’s the case, then her race must be pretty boring.”

        Actually, the society Nyssa comes from is very well drawn, and ‘The Keeper of Traken’ is one of my all time favourite stories. It’s just that Nyssa wasn’t originally devised as a regular companion, but rather a one off character, and taken out of context, she doesn’t really work.

        “Russell said that a timelord can choose a face from anyone and apply it to his next body.”

        Well, that’s been established as far back as ‘Destiny of the Daleks,” when Romana took on the form of Princess Astra.

      • “Well, that’s been established as far back as ‘Destiny of the Daleks,” when Romana took on the form of Princess Astra.”

        I brought that up when Hagan went through season 18. Maybe he’s right, or maybe he’s wrong. I know Moffat agrees with Davies, which is hard to believe that he liked something that Davies came up with.

      • “When it comes to Maxill my headcanon is that Timelords have a finite amount of possible bodies after a regeneration and it was a co-incidence that Maxcill and 6 were the same.”

        Makes sense. Otherwise, why would the Doctor want to look like someone who had previously tried to kill him?

      • I’ve looked up the Crimson Hand, but it just appears to be a comic strip. I can’t find anything about it originally being an aborted Tennant season 4. Are you sure you’ve got this right?

      • Did you look up ‘Graphic Novel’? And by the way, I meant to say that the graphic novel was forward by Davies, but I’m not too sure of it being totally a season. However, there is enough for it to be it’s own season.


      • It’s a graphic novel made up from comic strips previously printed in DWM. It’s not a callection of stories that were originally going to make up an aborted Tennant season 4.

      • It still would have been better than what we ended up with in 2009 though.

      • Are the comic book stories any good? I recently watched the whole of the Tennant era back with a friend of mine and we both agreed that, long before the end of RTD’s run, the show seemed exausted. So a longer season in 2009 probably wouldn’t have been a good thing.

      • The comic book stories are really good. The second story is about vikings from outer space, making it pointless, but the rest is really good!

  3. This was the first appearance of the Yeti in Doctor Who since the late 1960s. Here’s an interview I conduced with Yeti co-creator Mervyn Haisman in 1994, where he explains what went wrong: http://www.kaldorcity.com/people/DWmhinterview.html

  4. Wait, hold on a second here…. The one story that Steven Moffat won’t touch is by ANOTHER FUCKING MOFFAT?! This proves that either
    a: Stemoff seriously thinks that he’s improving all the other stories and only one of his relatives was perfect enough without
    b: He KNOWS that he’s fucking up all of the shit and only has a shred of respect for his own family.

    Either way, he’s a dick.

    • I think there’s some confusion here. Steven Moffat always defends the Peter Davison era. Peter Davison’s real name is Peter Moffett. The joke was meant to be that Moffat defends this era only because the lead actor’s real name is ‘Moffat.’ Implying that Steven Moffat is a bit of an idiot. Somehow, this all got mangled in translation.

  5. Ain’t he a Moffet with “e”?

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