Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode63 (The Queens Best Court)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… court shenanigans. We also have a semi-regular feature where we discuss a Classic Doctor Who serial. This time- The Greatest Show in the Galaxy..



  1. We (The British) still have a royal family, so we can’t claim to so enlightened.

    • There’s something intrinsically un-enlightened about having royalty? Really?

      • As it turns out the royals pay more in tax than they recive from parlament, so in working terms we save more money by having a royal family than by going to the fuss of voting who ever the uber-rich say we should vote for.

      • properly wrong word to use, I take it back

  2. I agree. Nobody should be able to deny people Birth Control, especially not because of something like Religion or Philosophy. Unwanted pregnancies can cause a woman (and her partner if applicable) a lot of financial and emotional distress.

  3. It was Andrew Cartmell who said that he wanted to take down the government. Plus, I really do enjoy the 26th season of Doctor Who. However, I do wander who Ghostlight would have turned out if it was about how families in Galifrey worked, as to how Nash described it.

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