Special Review- (Ultimate) Versus

One of the most brainlessly amazing action films ever made.



  1. I love this movie, ‘specially battle rake thing from past yakuza in tie

  2. I’ve been waiting someone to show their appreciation for this masterpiece of ‘fuck logic, we’re to busy being awesome’, and it is glorious.

  3. Was that frame reading ‘SAMPLE TEXT’ before Team Rocket appeared deliberate?

    • No, that was a placeholder for a piece of photoshop I forgot to add. I’ll get a completed vid up ASAP. And so people are encouraged to watch again I’ll even add a new piece of footage right at the end of the video :p

  4. i think he took her hair pin and picked the lock, not the key but still great review as always

  5. There is one thing that I understood very soon and without question about this video. This is not just a normal review. This is also a tribute. And that’s not a bad thing by any means. I woke up late today. I hadn’t eaten yet when I watched this. By the time I finished watching, I was not only fully sated, I had put on 30 pounds of pure muscle and my beard had grown two feet. That is the level of of over-the-top, metal-gleaming awesome your review of this movie brings.

    God, I feel like I need to pull my pants up.

    • Creature, that made me laugh.

      • It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

      • I’m not caught up yet, but should I watch the video anyway? It seems to be really good!

  6. I’ve never heard of this film or it’s director but it… just looks… so GLORIOUS!

  7. I fucking LOVE this movie. You are dead-on; it’s just cool-awesome-badass-fun without any desire to do that silly “making sense” stuff that usually takes time away from action. Lime Shirt is the most amazing hench/villain ever.

    Also, I’ve secretly been thinking of the cop dude as “Asian Jeffrey Combs from The Frighteners” for awhile–apparently I’m as sane as you are!


  8. What ever happened to Matt/ Apollo Z Hack? His videos looked friggin beautiful and they were epic as hell.

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